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​Hudson Mohawke drops an hour of unreleased music on NTS

The mix aired as part of Warp Records' 30-year anniversary takeover

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 27 June 2019
​Hudson Mohawke drops an hour of unreleased music on NTS

As part of Warp Records' three-day NTS takeover to celebrate the label's 30th anniversary, Hudson Mohawke decided to play out a full hour of unreleased material.

The tracklist the famed Scottish DJ-producer provided with his mix includes collaborations with Stargate, Neyo, Gammer and Ducky as well as a "reflip" of SOPHIE's 'Is It Cold In The Water'. When tweeting about his latest mix, Hudson Mohawke implored his listeners "to have a good long wank while listening," because "self-care is key." It's kind advice, but as one Hud Mo fan pointed out on Twitter, the images that accompany his mix are not really the type that gets your libido going.

Warp's WXAXRXP x NTS showcase featured over 100 hours of exclusive mixes, live sessions, videos, unreleased music and curated archive recordings from world-famous acts such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Brian Eno, Danny Brown, Evian Christ, Flying Lotus, Kelela, Mount Kimbie and many more.

You can check out all the episodes by going here.

Lock into Hudson Mohawk's Warp 30 mix and check out the tracklist below.


Hudson Mohawke - hotcue
Hudson Mohawke - companny
Hudson Mohawke - anchor
Sophie - is it cold in the water (mohawke reflip)
Hudson Mohawke - nothing ever turns out
Hudson Mohawke - run it up
Hudson Mohawke - clarky cat
Hudson Mohawke - lace panties
Hudson Mohawke + Ducky - infinity
Hudson Mohawke - bring me up
Hudson Mohawke - wawawawawawa
Hudson Mohawke - entre
Hudson Mohawke - guc2
Hudson Mohawke - snapdragon
Hudson Mohawke - power ruby
Hudson Mohawke - timtint
Hudson Mohawke - zebrassss
Hudson Mohawke - music takes you edit
Hudson Mohawke - cypress phil
Hudson Mohawke - hoi arp
Hudson Mohawke - pop chips
Hudson Mohawke + Stargate ft. Neyo - over you (snip)
Hudson Mohawke + Gammer - bounce
Hudson Mohawke - monte fisto
Hudson Mohawke + stargate - scar tissue
Hudson Mohawke - imagination

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