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Will Ibiza be open in 2021? Everything we know so far

Spain looks set to welcome visitors from the spring. Here's how this summer's Ibiza season is shaping up

  • Mixmag
  • 1 March 2021
Will Ibiza be open in 2021? Everything we know so far

It's good news for Ibiza in 2021 – Spain looks set to welcome tourists from the spring meaning Ibiza will be open this summer.

The Spanish foreign minister announced that Spain would allow tourists to visit the country as soon as possible during a presentation at the end of January.

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has also said that he wants the Spanish population to be vaccinated as quickly as possible so that the country can "progressively" open up to tourism and be “the beacon of the resurrection of tourism in all the world."

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The government has told press that it is trying "all possible scenarios to avoid another 2020" in order to protect Balearic tourism this summer.

Spain is working on a vaccine passport with the EU as an "element of safe mobility" when foreign travel returns properly, so a vaccine could help you get into Ibiza this summer.

Plans are afoot to welcome some British and German tourists to Ibiza ahead of the island's official reopening for a coronavirus safety test scheme. This also took place successfully last year before the island opened its borders to tourists.

This will then be followed by the reopening of travel corridors between Spain and the UK, which the two countries are currently working on.

The Balearic tourist department has said that "we are working jointly with the private sector, in this case hoteliers, and the tourism pilot plan will only be launched when appropriate" in terms of safety and travel restrictions.

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But Ibiza is slowly but surely getting back to 'normal'. Bars and restaurants on the island will be able to open their outdoor terraces from March 5 and once travel restrictions from the UK and the rest of the world are lifted, Ibiza is ready to welcome tourists, with British visitors making up the island's "main market".

Ibiza also hopes to have most of its residents vaccinated by the end of May.

Ana Gordillo, chair of the Hoteliers Association of Ibiza and Formentera, recently told the press that "the UK is our main market and it is good news that the UK's vaccination rates are so good. They will be the first to come back to the island."

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The country's Commerce and Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto recently told a press conference that "Spain will support any tool that facilitates the recovery of safe travel and mobility."

The Ibiza season traditionally starts in May, with opening parties taking place at the end of the month and in early June.

Clubs in Ibiza will look to open as soon as it is safe to do so. Ibiza Rocks and Amnesia are the first to announce parties so far.

Ibiza Rocks will launch its poolside sessions from May 17 and Amnesia has announced plans for its closing party on October 23.

Jamie Jones' Paradise will be at Amnesia this year, running from June 23 to October 7.

Eden will open in June with parties currently listed to run through until September.

O Beach has also announced it will open in May.

With this in mind, the Ibiza season will currently start on May 17 and end on October 23. Our Ibiza club listings and info can be found here.

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Ibiza closing parties traditionally take place in October, meaning there is a long window for events and parties to potentially happen in 2021 as more people receive the vaccine and venues implement COVID safety measures.

Mixmag will be the first to report on new announcements from Ibiza's clubs, so keep checking here.

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