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The 50 gifts you need to have this holiday season

You've got a lot to put on your list to Santa this year

  • Dev White
  • 16 December 2019

The holidays have crept up on us again.

It's chilly outside, but we know you're still trying to get your weekend dance in. We've put together the 50 gifts you need to have this season to accompany you on the way to the rave, during the rave, or on the occasion you choose to stay home from the rave. We've got you covered from whistles to apparel to posters to toys.

It's the perfect wish list for any dance lover.

Check it all out below.

Gabber Eleganza Rave Whistle

For 1350 euros, you can get a personalized rave whistle to accompany you on your year-long festival rounds next year. The collaboration between Gabber Eleganza and Joy BC reminds us of the essence of hardcore counterculture.

Grab one of the 40 units here before they slip away.

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SONOS Move Portable Speaker

This durable, weatherproof, drop-resistant portable speaker is perfect if you have a hard time caring for your belongings. Providing deep bass and Trueplay tuning for a balanced sound, you can dance around the house or even the beach and still experience prime sound.

Pick one up for $399 here.

AIAIAI TMA-2 HD Headphones

A modern, minimalist and magnificent approach to headphones, AIAIAI’s modular design will satisfy any audiophile. Fifteen years of evolution have led to these HD TMA-2 headphones, available both wirelessly and wired for $350 and $295, respectively.

Pick up a pair here.

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Carhartt WIP x Motown 60th Anniversary Collection

For Motown’s 60th anniversary, the legendary American label collaborated with Carhartt WIP to develop an AW19 apparel capsule collection. From bombers to beanies to graphic tees and even a pair of headphones, the collection offers a broad range of beautifully designed holiday gifts.

Grab an item here.

Can't Decide Apparel

Perfect for your friend who has a secret undying love for gabber or even tech house, the Can’t Decide line provides an array of hand embroidered t-shirts to help them come out of hiding. Based out of Leipzig, Germany, Aline and Marvin make each item custom to order, so don’t try to cop one last minute.

Shop the collection here.

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Prada x Adidas Collection

Pradidas gives us sportswear and chic minimalism all in one. The collaboration between the two brands offers up the limited edition Prada Superstar sneaker and an updated design of Prada’s beloved bowling bag.

Snag a piece for your athletic aunt here.

Kiko Kostadinov x Claude Nori T-Shirt

London-based fashion designer, Kiko Kostadinov created a screen printed graphic tee with a photo taken by acclaimed French photographer, Claude Nori. Coming in at £125, the shirt is perfect for anyone captivated by this collaborative vision.

Grab one here.

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Slowthai's 'Fuck Boris' T-Shirt

In proper slowthai fashion, he released a “FUCK BORIS” tee earlier this year, following up from his explosive performance at the Mercury Awards in which he held up a fake severed Boris head. If you hate Boris Johnson as much as slowthai, this is the perfect gift for you.

Grab one here and rile up the family holiday party.

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Test Pressing's Ibiza DJs Interview Book

British novelist, Robert Harris has wrapped up the roots of the modern clubbing scene. Through a series of interviews, he glides through 1976 to 1988 in a 48-page print publication. Featuring key players such as Alfredo Fiorito, Carlos Diaz, Leo Mas and Pippi, the book provides never before seen details of the vivacious time.

Grab this special item here.


Combining expert craftsmanship and modern technology, Love Hultén gadgets are one-of-a-kind novelty devices. Produced, polished and assembled in Sweden, the products range from instruments to synthesizers to game consoles. Buy one as a toy or maybe just a decor piece as they wave a shiny price tag.

Snag one of these custom gadgets here.

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Little Puzzle Thing's Disco Ball Puzzle

This disco-themed miniature puzzle is made for a quick break from your social media apps. In 20 minutes or less, you can put together a tiny disco ball. It’s made for ages 6 and up, so you can get the youngun’s up on the dance spirit.

Grab it here.

DJ Harvey x Wacko Maria Collection

Tokyo streetwear brand, Wacko Maria has their DJ Harvey collaboration available for sale. From button-ups to swim shorts to sunglasses, the collection is perfect for your LA-based DJ Harvey-loving relative.

Pick up a piece for them here.

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Peggy Gou x Potato Head

More Peggy and Potato Head! Releasing a second collection with Potato Head, the line includes white and black versions of the typical Peggy patterned button-ups, along with some classic bucket hats. With prices swinging way below the Wacko Maria line, we hope your cousin in LA prefers Peggy Gou.

Grab a t-shirt or bucket hat here.

Reebok Zig Kinetica

These futuristic-looking shoes will make you the coolest kid in Zumba. The shoe is bringing back the early 2000’s with a replica of Reebok’s earlier zig-zag designs.

For €149.95, you can reflect the heat map of kinetic energy right on your feet. Snag a pair here.

Thonet & Vander Kugel Speakers

High density fiber, a protective shield and a bass resonance system make these speakers a quality product with impressive sound. They also offer equalizing sound controls for your own specialization.

For 700 watts of pure power, snag a pair here while they’re on sale for $370.

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Wacko Maria Tiger Camo Mods Coat

This coat will make you look like you’re ready for the Arctic, trust us. Featuring a fur collar and a colorful modern camo print, the coat will automatically elevate your winter wardrobe. For a measly 139,700円 or about $1,286, you can strut through the cold in style. At least tax is included.

Grab one here.

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Kaiku Musical Glove

By connecting to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, you can use this glove to live out your drumming dreams. The glove is essentially a hands-on MIDI controller with programmable sensors, so you can create your own unique sound. Ringing in at €241 for a small and €281 for a medium/large.

Help your friend with his music production career by grabbing one here.

Yamaha SHS-500 Keytar

Reincarnating the 1970s keytar, Yamaha has advanced the old school item with 37 mini keys and a built-in FX system. Coming in at $499, it may not be cheap but it’ll make your little cousin feel like a real rock star.

Snag one here.

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Novesta Vegan Trainers

The Novesta trainers were originally made for the Czechoslovakian Olympic team in 1988, but popular culture has quickly adopted them. Now, Novesta is bringing sustainability to their product with a vegan version starting at €109.

Run with consciousness by grabbing a pair here.

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Teenage Engineering Rick and Morty Themed PO-137

The PO-137 is a vocal synthesizer and sequencer featuring eight different voice character samples. This small and portable device is an easy, risk-free gift for any Rick and Morty fan and music enthusiast. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT.

Grab one here for $89.

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We Are Dorothy Acid House Love Blueprint

Featuring the history of dance music mapped out on a 303 synthesizer circuit, this poster will provide an in-depth look into the progression of rave culture. This truly unique item comes in a bright yellow and royal blue.

Grab one for £35 here.

Defected Ibiza Festival Poster

As a tribute to launching their first ever festival in Ibiza, Defected has whipped up a limited 25 posters to celebrate. Marked with their event branding, a list of DJ line-ups and stages, the festival poster is a lovely visual element for any Defected fan.

You can get one for £20 here.

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Red Light Radio x Warrior Shanghai Sneaker

Established shoe brand, Warrior Shanghai has partnered with Amsterdam's Red Light Radio to produce a fitting shoe for RLR's 8th anniversary. For those who couldn't make it to their celebratory party at Sexyland, this is a decent alternative to show your support.

They are being sold for €60 here.

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The Lot Radio Slipmat

Brooklyn's The Lot Radio has delivered their own turntable slipmat so you can represent them across and beyond the states. The slipmat appropriately brandishes the beloved radio station's logo.

Grab one for just $15 here.

Patta x Dekmantel 2019 Waistbag

Holding onto a dance festival essential, Patta and Dekmantel Festival have collaborated on a waistbag to keep all your necessary goodies. The bag has three compartments to satisfy all your organizational needs.

Grab one here for €54.99.

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Gabber Eleganza Wax City Tribute Longsleeve

Gabber Eleganza, also the maker of the expensive rave whistle, released a long sleeve t-shirt brandishing 'NO BULLSHIT / JUST HARDCORE' as a tribute to London's now-deceased Wax City Records. It was run by Jon Kyriacou, a happy hardcore and UK hardcore DJ.

Even if you weren't a fan of the shop, the shirt has a sick design. Grab one for €45 here.

Moodymann x New Era Varsity Jacket

Coming from the Moodymann x New Era collection that was released along with a short documentary on the legend earlier this year, this varsity jacket shows off the well-known Moodymann logo. It also displays the classic Detroit Tigers "D" on the back.

Snag one here for £210 to show your love for the Detroit producer.

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Pink Noise Zine #3: Real Talk

The Pink Noise Zine is on its third issue; this time, focusing on a critique of the political aspects of the electronic music scene. This zine series was built by women for women both interested and actively involved in the electronic music landscape.

Grab one here for £8 for your gal pal that wants some knowledge on this male-dominated industry.

slowthai Christmas Jumper

Playing off his 'Nothing Great About Britain' album, slowthai moves to attack the holidays with a Christmas sweater spelling out 'Nothing Great About Christ'. Patterned with the superman 'S' and a drawing of the artist eating a tab of acid in the center, this one is sure to be a show stopper.

Grab one for £50 here to subtly tell the holidays to shove off.

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Golf Wang 'Universal Domination' Hoodie

This Golf Wang hoodie is perfect for your next dance night out - whether you want to stand out with bright orange or fade into the background with a black base. Shouting for Universal Domination, this piece of apparel fits right into the alternative crowd.

Snag one here for $90.

Human Traffic Live Show Tickets

If you're based in London or willing to make a trip out there, the legendary movie, 'Human Traffic' is presenting a live show at Printworks London next year. It's expected to be a full experience with break dancers, aerialists, visual projections and more.

If you or your mom are a fan, grab a ticket for as low as £75 here.

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Apple's AirPods Pro

Upgrade from Apple's initial 2016 version of these wireless headphones to this quality, noise-cancelling option. These are also lightweight and water-resistant, so they are perfect for a workout.

Pick up a pair here for £249.

Keith Haring's New York Nightlife Book

This special book from Dave Haslam showcases New York nightlife in the 1970s and 1980s as an overview of the influence this point in time had on Keith Haring. Traversing through the clubs and venues and other artists who were forming at that time, this book is great for any art lover.

Get one here for only £7.

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Vintage Casio Watch

Spice up your Peggy Gou x Potato Head fit with a vintage Casio watch. These water-resistant watches feature an electro luminescent backlight, making them perfect for your next rave.

You can snag one here for as little as $19.95.

MOOG Werkstatt-01 DIY Synth Kit

This DIY synthesizer kit is ideal for those looking to get involved in the technology side of electronic music. This simple, beginner kit is just a quick peek at what goes into making an analog synth machine.

You can buy one here for £154.

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The Otamatone is a Japanese electronic musical synthesizer that was made by the CUBE toy company back in 1988. It plays its sounds out of a round headed character's mouth. It's weird.

Grab this weird toy here for $23.

maharishi x Hyperdub x AIAIAI

Yes, another collab for this list. This time, Hyperdub Records is celebrating their 15th anniversary with special merchandise including t-shirts, waistbags and AIAIAI TMA HD-2 modular headphones.

Check it out here.

Kangol Keeper VI Mini Bag

If you're sick of the standard waistbag, this little bag will be a nice switch-up. A small cross body bag with an adjustable strap, it's just as convenient and will set you apart from the rest.

Snag one here for $48.

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Homesick Candle

These nostalgic candles will bring your senses back to previous times, feelings, moods, and of course, places. With one for each U.S. state, they are perfect for the traveling DJ or aspiring nomadic artist.

Pick one up here for $29.95.

Der Klang Der Familie Book

This book by Felix Denk and Sven von Tyulen chronicles Berlin, the fall of the wall and the rise of our beloved techno. Tresor teamed up with Holynoise to curate a perfume based on the Berlin club which is supposed to come with the new Russian translation of this book.

Pick up this legendary book here for 700₽.

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Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Ever peed yourself at the rave? Me neither. But, just in case you gotta go and that club line is flowing out the door, keep these compact underwear in case of an accident.

Grab a pair here for only $5.80.

Death Stranding Playstation Game

Sam Bridges tries to save the humanity from extinction in Hideo Kojima's long-awaited and award-winning video game. If you're looking to have a night in instead of heading to the club, this is a great option to still traverse through an alternate reality.

Grab one here, starting at $59.99.

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Nintendo Switch

Want to game on the way to the club? Grab a Nintendo switch for a stylish and portable on-the-go gaming solution.

Grab one here for $299.99.

Analogue x Hyperdub present Konsolation

For Hyperdub's 15 anniversary, they have put together eleven exclusive tracks on a Sega Mega Drive music cartridge alongside a custom machine made by Analogue. There's a limited 1000 units and it's the only place that you can hear these tracks, including a special one from Burial.

Grab it here for £244.99.

WXAXRXP 30th anniversary box set

For this special edition, ten radio sessions were selected from across the history of the label including June's WXAXRXP x NTS weekend set. This massive box set includes 10 vinyl records, 8 prints and 10 stickers for a decent price of $150.

Pick one up here.

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Palace Lime Green Puffer

Ah, yes a classic Palace description - "100% DON'T FUCK UP MY DESCRIPTIONS WITH ALL THE FABRIC NONSENSE PLEASE KEEP THAT SHIT SEPARATE". Anyways, this puffer jacket is a beautiful lime green to set you out from the crowd with the dreary looks on the subway.

Pop on over here if you've got a nice $298 to spend.

Thrasher Flame Key Chain

If you or your relative wants to channel their inner 12-year-old skater, this is a great gift. It's a classic keychain showcasing the THRASHER logo with specialty flames.

You can get one here for $5.95 to go along with your Dickies cargo pants.

Palace Chainer Beanie

The description says it all, 'WINGSTOP TASTE LIKE THE CHICKEN GOT SOAP ON IT'. This gold and black beanie is sure to match up with the rest of your winter wardrobe.

Snag one here for $38.

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Ellen Allien x Carhartt Beanie

Renowned German electronic musician, Ellen Allien has released a special edition beanie in a collaboration with Carhartt to add a unique piece to your beanie collection. It features a red and black alien icon.

Grab one here for €21.

Mixmag Supply Hoodie

If you want to represent your favorite dance music magazine, then just head over to our Mixmag Supply page to snag anything ranging from t-shirts, totes, hoodies and beanies.

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