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15 iconic album covers invaded by Rick and Morty

"Wub A Lub A Dub Dub, bitches"

  • Jeremy & Lawrence Abbott
  • 18 August 2017

It goes without saying we love The Simpsons, we've always had a soft spot for South Park and we'll take an episode of Family Guy or Bob's Burgers on a hungover Sunday, but there's a new cartoon in town that's sweeping the planet and we can't get enough.

Rick and Morty is the unfathomably weird and wonderful new cartoon that's got infinite universes laughing and frowning in unison. If you're not on the wave, then you'd better grab a portal gun and get involved.

Whether your favourite character is the drunken genius Rick, his delightfully nervous grandson Morty or the heartbreakingly useless Jerry, there's something for everyone.

Deadmau5 in particular showed he's a true fan by dropping $15,000 on the now defunct McDonald's Szechuan Sauce that the show referenced at the start of season three.

In true Interdimensional Cable style, we've offered up 15 iconic album covers and given them the Rick and Morty treatment, so make sure you've got your Plumbus to hand and your Meeseeks box at the ready for any assistance you'll need viewing the gallery.

Wub A Lub A Dub Dub. Let's go.

Funster is Mixmag's Deputy Digital Editor and he likes to dance on the graves of his enemies every weekend, follow him on Twitter here

Lawrence Abbott is Mixmag's Video Intern and he spends his weekends taking down evil organisations as a pickle, follow him on Twitter here