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rekordbox dj introduces support for streaming services

Pioneer DJ's software integrates with Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 10 September 2019
rekordbox dj introduces support for streaming services

Today, Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox software has introduced an updated version of the software that allows it to seamlessly integrate with the streaming services Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+.

Version 5.6.1 of rekordbox dj allows users to search, stream and download tracks from each music platform's vast libraries and upload them straight into the software. From there, the application will analyze the BPM, key and waveform for each track, allowing users to save hot cues and loops, create playlists and use a host of other features to create your own sound.

For those DJing outside of recordbox, it is crucial to note that USB export, link export and loading to the sampler are not available when playing tracks from Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+.

Beatport LINK PRO is available for $40.00 a month and for the first time ever will allow laptop DJ's top take 50 tracks from Beatport's catalog offline in rekordbox. The second tier subscription service, Beatport LINK PRO+, allows DJs to upload 100 tracks into rekordbox and play them without an internet connection.

You can download the updated version of recordbox dj by going here.

Price: $129.00

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