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R Kelly's new music is on hold after protests

R. Kelly is contracted to release two more albums, but the label isn't having it

  • Harrison Williams
  • 14 January 2019
R Kelly's new music is on hold after protests

New music by R. Kelly may never be released as RCA Records has reportedly put a hold on his new material.

The r'n'b singer has been embroiled in controversy at various moments throughout his career, but recently a new docuseries on Lifetime titled Surviving R. Kelly has sparked increased public outrage. The series outlines more information regarding a multitude of disturbing allegations mad against R. Kelly regarding supposed sexual and emotional abuse toward multiple women, holding women against their will in a “sex cult”, which was later bolstered with further testimonies. Now the controversy could have a major affect on his career.

According to various sources close the situation, TMZ has learned that RCA Records and Sony are refusing to support new music for Kelly. The singer's current contract states that he is obligated to release two more albums. RCA and Sony wish to have the litany of disturbing allegations investigated before investing any more money and resources into his new releases.

RCA and Sony have not publicly commented on the allegations made against Kelly, but they have received harsh criticism for keeping him signed. Protests have also taken place, including a recent stunt involving an activist group commissioning a plane to fly over the label's headquarters displaying a protest message.

For now, Kelly will remain under contract with RCA and Sony for two more albums, but it is expected that both sides could be searching for a way out of the contract.

in other R. Kelly related news, various artists have apologized for working with him, including Chance the Rapper and Lady Gaga. More recently, Celine Dion has taken steps to try and remove her collaboration with Kelly from streaming platforms.

R. Kelly has repeatedly denied the accusations and even shared a 19-minute song to address his accusers. You can listen to the song in full here

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