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New 99 track techno compilation in support of Colombian protestors announced

Rødhåd, Dasha Rush, Bjarki and more feature on Planet X’s ‘100 Years Of Colombia’

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 2 June 2021
New 99 track techno compilation in support of Colombian protestors announced

A new 99 track techno compilation raising money in support of Colombians protesting against government corruption and police violence is coming out on June 3. Pre-order it here.

The compilation is titled ‘100 years of Colombia’, and is being released by Icelandic label Planet X, which is helmed by Exos.

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A number of techno artists from Iceland and further afield feature, including Marcel Dettmann, Rødhåd, Kobosil, Dasha Rush, Bjarki, Nina Kraviz, Mark Broom, Setaoc Mass, Slam, LaFontaine, Lady Starlight, FJAAK, Oscar Mulero, Volruptus, Answer Code Request, Matrixxman, Yant, Sunil Sharpe, AnD and more.

All money raised will be donated to charity organisations working across Colombia, with connection faciliated by ColPaz, an NGO dealing with social development issues in the country and supporting third party organisations in defense of civil human rights.

Organisations the fundraising compilation will support include Desaparicion forzada , Movice (Movimento Nacional de Víctimas de Crímenes de Estado) and Red Juridica Feminista, amongst others to be confirmed.

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Exos said: “Since April 2021 the people of Colombia have been protesting peacefully against corruption and unfairness from their government entities. These protests have been permeated and violated by terrible police brutality. There have been documented disappearances of hundreds of people, killings of civilians by police forces, sexual assaults made by members of the police, and thousands of injured victims according to the non-governmental organization ONG Temblores, who have been documenting the situation.

“The compilation ‘100 Years Of Colombia’ brings the Techno scene together to make attention and awareness of what's happening in Colombia, with a hope for a better future.”

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See the full tracklist below.


1.Nina Kraviz - Broader

2.Marcus L - Fight against The System

3.Hadone - State of Control

4.D.Dan - Spilling Over

5.Kobosil & Somewhen - Hora

6.Bjarki - Teach Me Frisbee

7.Estella Boersma - Harmonizer

8.Sons of Hidden - Aqua Di Panela

9.Remco Beekwilder - Bombona

10.Mark Broom - 909 Workout

11.Stef Mendesidis - Core33

12.Antigone - Midnight Express

13.Setaoc Maas - Second burn

14.Andrea Gil - Centralization

15.Slam - Unir

16.Badah - Brutal Man

17.Obscure Shape & SHDW - Der Rausch

18.Paul Ritch & Kmyle - Revolt

19.The Advent - Ramage

20.Onyvaa & Dast - Fuerza

21.Victoria Mussi & Amanda Mussi - Tension

22.Lafontaine - Halfcid

23.Lady Starlight - A15

24.Owem - Oppression

25.Oscar Mulero - Ultra

26.FJAAK - One Vision

27.Marcel Fengler - A Robot’s Dream

28.Arthur Robert - Expansion

29.Gotshell - Ossuary Sedlec

30.Cleric - Revolt

31.Lindsey Herbert - Dark Matter

32.Stranger - Blistering Cold

33.Exos & Gotshell - Cold Summer

34.Black Lotus - Joining Forces

35.Manni Dee - How They Treat Us

36.Nihad Tule - Devolver

37.Secret Raver - La Orden Del Aro

38.Dimi Angélis - Syndication

39.Inhalt Der Nacht - Blind

40.Rodhad - SOS Colombia

41.Born in Lagash - Betwean Thoughts

42. UFO95 - Rlx6sion

43.Volruptus - Dreamscape3000

44.Dasha Rush - Dub´n for Peace

45.Hidden People - Ragnarok

46.Arnaud Le Texier - Crispr

47.Bjarki - XTC

48.Temudo - To Become Invisible

49.Roman Poncet - Victum

50.Dj Rush- Stay Strong

51.Ben Sims - Discoma

52.Gotshell - G4

53.U.R. TRAX - Leventamiento

54.Raffaele Attanasio - No Solution

55.Steve O'Sullivan & Ben Buitendijk - Blind Technique

56.Marcel Dettman - Far Out

57.Nørbak - White Dress, Bloody Shoes

58.Evigt Morker - Ljusets Storm

59.Marco Bailey & Sigvard -Sign of Devotion

60.CONCEPTUAL - Tales of Modern Abuses

61.Robert Dietz - Novoline

62.Answer Code Request - MVXX.

63.DJ Nobu - A Walk In The Sun

64. LDS - Eat me

65. Robert Hoff - Blood Bath

66. Psyk - Opal Lake (Remix)

67. Reeko - Practice

68. Matrixxman - Intruder Alert

69.Jeroen Search - The Chaos Chapter

70.Monocromatic - Sonorus

71.ASEC - Thousand Cuts

72.Benjamin Damage - CR4

73.Cari Lekebusch - -Megachu

74.Henning Baer - WCTWPT

75.Insolate - Comeback

76.Under the black helmet - Ano de la libertad

77.Exos - Revenge of Cumbia

78.Yant - Global Warning

79.Janein & Verschwender - Megalithic Symmetry

80.Amadeus Joseph - Rebelión Colectiva

81. No Intellectual Property - Muertes Sístemáticas

82.Jonas Kopp - Milimeter Waves

83.Terence Fixmer - Falling to Pieces

84.Deas - Rooms

85.Zadig - SOS Colombia

86.Steve Bicknell - Intesity of life

87.Kangding Ray - Pacífico 3

88.DJ T-1000 - Message Discipline

89.Sunil Sharpe - Chimess

90.Tadeo - Coordinates

91.Juan Sanchez - Traces

92.Dj Shufflemaster - CrimsonRising

93.Samuli Kemppi - To be counted

94.Rene Wise - Mind All Over

95.Deniro - Track

96.JP Enfant - Minca Haze


98.AnD - Stand High

99.Amotik - Shakti

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