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Selects: Exos for Secret Solstice

The Icelandic techno producer takes us through his current and past favorites

  • Harrison Williams
  • 2 June 2017
Selects: Exos for Secret Solstice

Mixmag has featured charts from many talented artists for our Selects series, including Mr. G, Modeselektor, Simian Mobile Disco and Kevin Saunderson among others. Now we welcome Exos into the fold, as he showcases multiple aspects of his musical persona in order to prepare our eardrums from the upcoming Secret Solstice festival taking place from June 15-18 in Reykjavik.

With decades of experience in the industry, Exos has proven to be one of the most recognized Icelandic producers supplying the industry with a wide range of techno styles. Throughout his career he's been extremely active on the release front, dropping three albums and showcasing material on labels like Mosaic, Thule, Force Inc., Symbolism, Slow To Speak and numerous others. Now an affiliate of Nina Kraviz's трип label he's continuing to make a lasting mark on dance music culture, not to be overlooked on the global scene.

With Secret Solstice fast approach Mixmag thought it best to tap a local to provide a glimpse of the budding community in Iceland by sharing a few crucial tracks. Here Exos takes us through three chapters, tracks he's definitely going to play at the upcoming festival, classic tunes that work magic on a dancefloor and his all-time favorite tracks.

Catch Exos at The Warehouse Project showcase at Secret Solstice on June 17 alongside Kiasmos, Thugfucker, Droog b2b Nitin and Krysko & Greg Lord. Purchase tickets here

Check out the playlist below and follow us on Apple Music here for more exclusive playlists and premieres

Remco Beekwilder 'LSD' EP

For all those who are looking for a rave, simply hunt this release and blast it. This is as mental as it gets. Monnom Black, the Dax J label, is bringing the rave back with serious noise.

Abstract Division 'Activated'

Abstract Division delivers a very nice club track. Old school samples used in a very soothing and hypnotic way. This takes me back.

Introversion 'Unmarried Old Man'

Another classic from the Arts label, but completely different from what's being released on a regular basis. Just seek it out and you will know. Beautiful track with an Indian vocal and a blasting breakbeat four to the floor.

Petter B 'Global Writes'

Well, maybe I played this a bit too much for the last three years. I've played it in 99% of my sets since then so I guess I can't play without it. Petter B has a lot of crazy rave tracks but this is my favorite from him.

Emmanuel 'Parade'

This is Emmanuel's first track and it came out in 2009. The sounds coming from this track are absolutely evil. They're from another world. Play this track and you will open the Pandora’s box of the dancefloor.

​Gotshell 'Ossuary Sedlec'

I am about to play 100 Gotshell tracks in my set and they are all mind-blowing, but this evil track stands out. It's coming out on my label very soon. Keep an eye out for it.

Exos 'Hverfult'

A new track by me on the first release from my new label X/OZ. This track has some different elements from the past and the future. Listen here

Seelow 'Fatal Chord'

The grooviest track of them all! It has minimal, dubby chords, but is still extremely pumping with a funky beat. Works every time and gets me in the mood I want to be in when I'm doing my thing.

Samuli Kemppi 'Power Of Voltages'

The power in this track is simply indescribable. And when I mix it, it fits for everything and the set gets more serious. I think the title of the track simply explains everything here.

Fanon Flowers 'Hunt Patterns 6'

This track is very powerful and industrial, but yet very organic and minimal. I've been playing it ever since I got it and this will stay in my collection for a long time. As classic as techno can be for me, ripped and twisted. Listen here

Robert Armani 'Blow That Shit Out' (Joey Beltram Remix)

Joey Beltram just blew that shit out back in the day. The sounds and the nasty vocal in this track are the signature of techno music with all its glory.

Maurizio '4.5'

This track can be describe as the circle of life. Almost everything in life is repetitive, but with a slight change. Not possible to describe in any other way other than that its indescribable.

Aphex Twin 'Stone In Focus'

Heard this double album back in 1995 and it's still the best album I've heard in my life. The first year I was hooked on the first CD, but then I was all into the second CD shortly after. Not to mention the track 'Stone In Focus' that only came out on vinyl. This is a must own for every music lover.

Joey Beltram 'The Start It Up'

In 1995 I heard the local techno hero in Iceland playing this track on the radio a few times and I was obsessed with those drums. I went to London and looked for this record and phoned all the record stores, but no one had it. Later that year a guy bought it somewhere and sold me this record for 100 euros. Of course, that's a lot of money, but I didn't care. I just had to have it.

Jeff Mills 'Cycle 30'

Why is Jeff Mills considered the highest ranking artists in the history of techno? Simply because he made techno sound like a special art form. I think most techno artists agree on that. But the reason is not because of 'The Bells' or the orchestra/symphony concerts he made. It's because of his 1994-2000 releases on Axis and the way he played techno through the years like no one else did.

DJ Hell 'Hot In The Heels Of Love' (Dave Clarke Remix)

Yes, Dave Clarke from 1994. The golden age of techno. The energy and rush in this track is dangerously mind blowing. I always imagined this track as a love song, according to the title. But when I asked Dave what was going on in his mind when he made this remix he said, "I was angry..."

Pub 'Summer'

16 minutes of heaven. I was lucky to be able to find this masterpiece and enjoy it at some of the best moments in life. It's been one of my favorite tracks since 2000. It's hard to find music like this today. If any of you have something similar to share with me please send me links :)

Catch Exos at The Warehouse Project showcase at Secret Solstice on June 17 alongside Kiasmos, Thugfucker, Droog b2b Nitin and Krysko & Greg Lord. Purchase tickets here

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