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Will Ibiza open this year? Everything we know so far

The 2020 Ibiza season has been put on hold – here’s everything we know about the situation

  • Mixmag crew
  • 13 May 2020
Will Ibiza open this year? Everything we know so far

Will Ibiza open this year? Given that so much of the dance music calendar is dominated by the Ibiza season, it’s the question that everyone is asking.

Millions of people visit Ibiza every year and, as we well know, many of them go to enjoy the island’s superclubs and day parties, as well as its stunning natural beauty. But 2020 is a very different scenario.

Here's everything we know so far.

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Will Ibiza be open in June?

Spain is currently in the middle of what Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called the road to “nueva normalidad”, the new normal.

This eight-week roadmap which started in early May is split into four phases, with restrictions of businesses easing gradually along the way until its finish on June 22.

Hotels are currently allowed to open, but with their common areas closed. Restaurants and cafes are allowed to open but with reduced capacity. Any restaurant or cafe with a terrace will only be able to open 50 per cent of it.

Theatres and concerts can open from May 25 and host 30 per cent of venue capacity.

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Clubs and bars can open from June 8, again with 30 per cent capacity.

This is good news for Spanish citizens and the local economy but the country remains in a state of emergency until at least May 24 and non-essential travel to the country and also around it is banned. Everyone currently arriving in Spain, including Spanish nationals, will have to self-isolate for 14 days. This will last until June.

Will Ibiza be open in July?

We previously reported that the Balearic Island President has said that Ibiza and its neighbouring islands will start to reopen for Spanish tourism from July, meaning that Spanish nationals will be able to travel to the island for a holiday.

But now Spain's President Pedro Sánchez has announced that the country will be open to foreign visitors from July, which includes Ibiza.

"[Spain] needs tourism, and tourism needs safety in both origin and destination. We will guarantee that tourists will not run any risks, nor will they bring any risk to our country," he said.

It's currently unclear whether visitors will have to self isolate upon entering the country.

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It is assumed that by July, Spanish nationals will not have to self-isolate when arriving in Ibiza. This is something that has been criticized by Ibiza's President, Vincent Mari, who has called it “nonsense” and something that will cause "unnecessary damage to the islands" economically.

Germany will allow citizens to travel to "safe destinations" from June 15 and a pilot scheme to bring German tourists to Ibiza will potentially be tried out later on in the summer.

Will Ibiza be open in August?

Spain will be open to foreign tourism from July.

Balearic tourism minister Iago Negueruela has previously said that the islands could start welcoming 25 per cent of usual visitor numbers from August - it is unclear whether this will be an official policy or not.

If it was, that number would rise into September and October, with the potential that the holiday season could move into November as well.

However Negueruela mentioned that countries that had been slow to implement lockdown measures, such as the UK, would be banned from visiting the Balearics. It’s not known how such a ban would be policed and would also be a risk to business given a third of visitors to the islands are British.

Are Ibiza hotels open?

Hotels are currently allowed to open but with common areas closed. However, Ibiza will not be open to tourism until July, when Spanish nationals will be able to visit the island.

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Are Ibiza flights cancelled?

All non-essential travel to Spain is currently banned. The country is currently in the middle of an 8-week roadmap to the 'new normal' which ends on June 22. Tourism to Ibiza for Spanish nationals should resume in July. For further details, check with the airline you've booked tickets with or are planning to use later this summer.

New guidelines for air travel published by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency say that passengers should wear face masks during all stages of their journey, could be questioned if they show signs of COVID-19 and will have to say goodbye to family and friends outside the airport, among other rules, when flights resume again.

When does the Ibiza season start?

It’s already clear that the start of Ibiza’s 2020 clubbing season will not start in May, as is tradition. All clubs have cancelled their May events, with venues like Ibiza Rocks announcing that events through June are cancelled too.

However, Ibiza clubs are hoping to open later this summer and there's hope that the tourist season could be extended to November.

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Cancelling most of the season would cost the region £8.3 billion and put 150,000 jobs on the line. In Ibiza, for instance, 75 per cent of the population get their income from tourism.

Will Ibiza clubs open this year?

The president of the Spain Nightlife Association, José Luis Benitez, has said clubs are willing to open if the Spanish government lets them, with possible workarounds including only allowing Spanish citizens to attend events or holding a “mini season” as late as November. Another industry body, Spain at Night, has been advocating increased hygiene measures inside clubs.

When are Ibiza opening parties?

Ibiza closing parties normally take place in May.

While they remain closed IRL, Ibiza clubs are moving online to host virtual festivals and live streams to give fans a taste of the White Isle at home during lockdown.

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