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The Cover Mix: Peggy Gou

Get ready for Peggy

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 1 January 2015

She’s the giraffe-loving Korean DJ and producer who’s faced down misogyny, won over her traditional family and become one of the best-loved new stars in dance music. Welcome to the age of Gou-mania.

Listen to Peggy's exclusive cover mix and check out her track-by-track below.

1. Henrik Bergqvist & Abdulla Rashim ‘Tales Of Ordinary Madness’ (Trouble In Paradise)

“Henrik was one of first DJs I booked to play in Seoul with me after I listened to his record on Aniara Recordings at Phonica. He sent me this
EP last year”

2. Dorisburg ‘Venom’ (Mountain Explosion Device)

“If you’ve noticed, a lot of my mixes include tracks from Dorisburg. I’m a big fan of this guy and his live sets also blow me away. I love the dark synth sound of this one”

3. Pola ‘Hopes For Jokes’ (Arkajo remix) (Nilla)

“This isn’t out yet, but Arkajo always sends me his new productions and I think this remix is really dope. It’s really different to his
other stuff”

4. Peggy Gou ‘Shero’ (Unreleased)

“I got an offer to be part of the UN’s #heforshe campaign and I’m doing a charity gig with Jackmaster soon to support it. They’re releasing an exclusive vinyl for the event with this track on one side and Juju & Jordash on the other side”

5. Suzanne Kraft ‘Moving’ (Dekmantel)

“What an amazing producer this guy is. I happened to listen to this a few months ago on a Dekmantel compilation and I thought it could bring a different mood to my mix”

6. Magic Mountain High ‘Untitled B2’ (Workshop)

“A great project from Juju & Jordash and Move D. What a team. Seven minutes of magic and I can’t stop nodding along”

7. Matrixxman ‘Sexual Frustration’ (Dekmantel)

“This track is also from one of the Dekmantel compilations. I love the strong kick and rim sounds! A great dancefloor track, for sure”

8. Jasper Wolff ‘Stella Cult’ (DVS1 remix) (Indigo Aera)

“I’m a big fan of DVS1 and probably have every track by him. I landed a slot playing right before him at Lovefest in Serbia and I was a bit nervous, to be honest. There’s something about his production that makes you want to close your eyes and just dance. Trippy, too”

9. Pépe ‘Harajuku’ (Deep Sea Frequency)

“Or:la sent me various tracks on her Deep Sea Frequency label and this caught my attention straight away. I love the electro beat and great bassline. I’d be interested to hear other stuff from him”

10. Deniro ‘G’ (Trip)

“Another great producer on a great label! Some strong acid and bassline sounds. I really like most of his tracks”

11. Aubrey ‘Aqua Warrior’ (Out-Er)

“I don’t remember how this track ended up on my laptop, but I was playing tunes on shuffle and this came on. I was like, ‘Ah, cool! I totally forgot I had this!’”

12. JRMS5 ‘Untitled’ (Unreleased)

“An unreleased secret project that I can’t say much about, but it’s a dope track”

13. Hiver ‘One More Snooze’ (Curle)

“A great Italian duo! I met one of the guys, Giuseppe, in Milan when I played there for the first time. As soon as he sent me Hiver’s music I totally loved it, and I’ve been supporting it for a while.”

14. Peggy Gou ‘Han Jan’ (Ninja Tune)

“‘Han jan’ means one shot, as in drink shot, in Korean – but it also means something else to me as one of my best friends name is Jan. I took a lot of influence from DMX Krew before I made this track. I wrote the lyrics in Korean, but it’s just about drinks”

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