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The Black Madonna and Nastia react against Vakula's misogynistic EP artwork

Backlash has caused the Ukrainian artist to reconsider

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 26 April 2019
The Black Madonna and Nastia react against Vakula's misogynistic EP artwork

Ukranian DJ-producer Vakula has faced heavy criticism for the artwork of his 'Per Aspera Ad Astra' EP, which depicts four former Mixmag cover stars - The Black Madonna, Nastia, Peggy Gou and Nina Kraviz - operating a phallic spaceship.

The EP was released on the Croatian label Barba Records under the producer's Mikhaylo Vityk's Rocco Siffredi alias, named after a controversial porn star who is known for brutal depictions of rough sex in his work and once famously said "what you call violence, I call pain with pleasure".

The release's illustration shows the four DJs with wires attached to their heads while riding the phallic spaceship. When sharing the artwork, Vakula wrote on Instagram: "I dedicated this project to my beloved women, where we tried to portray the most beautiful dick that those girls on the cover could ever meet." Vakula made his Instagram private following the post.

He announced the EP on March 1 and word of the artwork spread slowly through the various clubland channels before reaching two of the DJs depicted in the illustration. None of the artists depicted were contacted for approval for the usage of their likeness.

The Black Madonna took to Twitter today to express her absolute disdain for the stunt.

Nastia took to Instagram to write a long post explaining how the Ukrainian artist had already once confronted her with his misogynistic views, saying that she was "shitty and not even a DJ" but that he would be happy to teach her. In the post, she continued to say that "his problem is that he can't handle our success".

Vakula commented under Nastia's post trying to explain the concept behind the artwork. "My vision was to call attention to the exploitative nature of the music industry", he wrote. "It was not done with any disrespect. I hold the vision of the music industry becoming focused on fame, money not music and it makes me sad to see it go this way."

Following the backlash and response instigated from Nastia's post, Vakula shared news that he will amend the EP's artwork "out of respect" for the artists.

Nina Kraviz and Peggy Gou have yet to make comment.

Cameron is Mixmag's Jr. Editor. Follow him on Twitter

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