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Prime Go is the innovative, battery-powered controller from Denon DJ

The battery-powered, portable device also features WiFi capability

  • Devyn White
  • 13 January 2020
Prime Go is the innovative, battery-powered controller from Denon DJ

Prime Go is Denon DJ's newest creation. As a small, battery-powered controller with built-in WiFi, it is innovating within the realm of electronic music technology.

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The two deck controller features a 7" touchscreen, 4 hours of power, dual FX-engines, standalone dual mic control, and Engine OS, a full-featured operating system. With its WiFi capability, you can load tracks from TIDAL, Beatport and Soundcloud. The device can also analyze track BPM and key, as well as process Rekordbox collections including playlists, cues, loops and other features.

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Some unusual specs are the horizontal EQs and the placement of the performance pads above the jog wheels. Wave forms can also be in either vertical or horizontal mode and there's a vinyl button available for the jog wheel.

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This device is perfect for playing sets outdoors or anywhere without a sufficient power source. Hook it up to a speaker and it's good to go.

Check out the video below for more details on the device.

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