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Denon DJ introduces its Prime series

The company has unveiled a new turntable, mixer and media player

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 11 January 2017

Denon DJ has announced a host of new products including a new turntable, media player and mixer.

The Prime series includes the V12 turntable, X1800 mixer, SC5000 media player and a Rekordbox-like music management system called Engine.

At £650, the VL12 turntable (pictured above) is considerably more affordable than the recently reissued industry standard Technics 1200G and comes with two torque settings set at the highest in the industry.

It also boasts a low signal-to-noise ratio thanks to an isolated motor design and the pitch range includes eight, 16 and 50 per cent options. The lighting on the turntable can also be customised in colour and brightness.

The four-channel X1800 will retail for £1500 and will include dedicated BPM and sync controls that can be synced with the SC5000, two USB connections for use with other software and built-in LAN that allows up to four media players to be used.

The SC5000 media player will also retail for £1500 pounds and includes a seven-inch touch screen and pads for cutting tracks on the fly. Denon claims it’s the first media player to "analyze both beatgrid and musical key" on the unit itself, thanks to the Engine software.

The Prime series products are due for release in the first quarter of 2017.

Watch a video below to see what the SC5000 can do.

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