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Nastia, Denis Sulta, Saoirse and Sherelle unveiled as new BBC Radio 1 residents

They join the rotation alongside Paul Woolford aka Special Request, Charlotte de Witte, HAAi and Jayda G

  • James Ball
  • 7 September 2019
Nastia, Denis Sulta, Saoirse and Sherelle unveiled as new BBC Radio 1 residents

The latest additions to BBC Radio 1's Residency have been announced. Nastia (pictured), Denis Sulta, Saoirse and Sherelle will join Paul Woolford aka Special Request, Charlotte de Witte, HAAi and Jayda G.

The format incorporates two shows that stretch from Sunday night into Monday morning, between 1-2 am and 2-3 am.

Beginning September 9, Nastia and Charlotte de Witte will take over on the first Monday of the month, while Paul Woolford aka Special Request and Sherelle will take to the BBC studios every second Monday of the month (starting September 16).

Denis Sulta and Jayda G will play every third monday of the month (beginning September 23) while the fourth Monday of the month slot will be hosted by HAAi and Saoirse, starting September 30.

“Growing up as an artist, being on BBC Radio 1 was the highest point of success I could dream about. It’s a legend, a monster, making so many artists huge and important. For me now, I’m proud to say it’s a platform where I can speak out about music, industry and DJ life," explains Nastia. "After doing my own radio show in Ukraine for 10 years and having had a three-year break from it, to come back on air with the BBC is that dream finally coming true. What can you expect from me? Different things! I like to surprise!”

Denis Sulta explains, “Ever since I was even remotely aware of Radio 1, I aspired to be the voice that I heard through the stereo as it’s one of the biggest radio stations in the world. To be broadcasting my own show on BBC Radio 1 as part of the Residency is something that is absolutely incredible for me. I just think it’s really, really cool."

"Who didn’t want to be the voice at Radio 1 back at school? Who didn’t want to have the opportunity to say “Hi my name is … and welcome to BBC Radio 1”? That is one of the most iconic sentences ever and to be part of that is overwhelming to a point where no words can describe… but I will try my very best and I cannot wait to smash it on Radio 1 and see how far we can go.”

Saoirse reveals, “I was around 13 when I first started listening to BBC Radio 1. It was one of the very few mediums I had to discover new electronic music in Ireland and it has been very influential throughout my life. In fact, it was what encouraged me to go and do Radio Production & Sound Engineering at University when I left school."

"To be given the opportunity to host my own show and perhaps have the same influence on a young budding DJ or producer out there means the world to me. I'll be showcasing as much undiscovered artists as possible as well as premiering some of my favourite artists new music in all things electronica.”

Sherelle notes, "It's an absolute dream come true to be a part of the BBC Radio 1 residency. Growing up listening to the like likes of Annie Mac, Zane Lowe and MistaJam shaped my early musical outlook. I promised my younger self that one day I would have my own Radio 1 show and I am glad that I have been able to achieve that by playing the music that I love so dearly. 2019 has been the best year yet and I can't wait to represent the Footwork, Jungle, 160 scenes and showcase the best it has to offer."

For more information about the Residency, and to check out archives of the show, head here.

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