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Love In The Endz are releasing their debut celebratory compilation

The collective are also hosting an art exhibition

  • Aneesa Ahmed
  • 4 November 2021
Love In The Endz are releasing their debut celebratory compilation

London based Love In The Endz are releasing their debut compilation ‘Amor Na Endz’ which is split into two halves, ‘Dia' & 'Noite’- representing both day and night sounds.

Love In The Endz are a London-based collective started over the lockdown, created by Blue Canariñho, a Liverpool born visual artist, and Portuguese born producer Davia. The duo have been committed to amplifying global art and sounds and host their own show on London’s Reprezent Radio.

Their bi-weekly show, The Love In The Endz Show, showcases undiscovered art and music from underground scenes globally as they aim to spotlight some of the best up and coming artists in the younger generation.

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The intercontinental compilation will expand on the collective’s ethos by showcasing the sounds and art from people's hometowns.

The compilation features 32 artists including Jaca and TRVE Hill.

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Speaking on the project, Blue Canariñho says: “When I was young I used to find going to places like the Tate and other art galleries so peaceful, they are the only place that can change the way your brain works even if it’s just temporarily.

“I’ve always wondered what it would to do my own exhibition, to do it in conjunction with the release of the compilation putting together so many amazing artists from around the world is an honor - this is hopefully the start of that dream where I can share my art but also bring other underground artists to spaces they’ve dreamt of too”.

Davia added: “A lot of the countries which we highlight on our show already have communities established here in London. Our goal is to bring awareness and respect to their sounds; we want to demystify the term “World music”. Debunking this term, will allow up and coming creatives to be proud and loud about where they are from. They’ll be able to showcase their ‘endz’”.

The compilation, both ‘Dia’ and ‘Noite’ are out now.

A full tracklist can be found below. to find out more about Love Is In The Endz, follow their Instagram page here.



1. Bandicut - Knukles

2. TRVE HILL - You Don't Know (Remix)

3. MOJVKI - Caipirinha

4. Neeiv - Sem Voce

5. luca. - LET ME LOVE YOU


7. Jovelli - Modular

8. Daviaa x MRo - Breathe (Tráz Água Remix)




12.Lokowat - Vento do Leste



1. DJ Doraemon - Sequência do Empurra e Toma

2. D.A.N.V - BOTA


4. Vincee - Delírio

5. callmeelfo - MATANDO A SAUDADE

6. DJ Kwamzy - Mais Forte

7. YBRYD & Flawess - Aperta o Play

8. Wavezim - Marrenta

9. Grindalf - Dreamcast Bump

10. Blue Canariñho - Leader (Blue’s 140 Remix)

11. B I L L Y G & DCANWTOJR & JACA - Mulher

12. DJ SMILEZ - Bola Si Quiero

13. walla C - TuVai

14. Pursuit Of Happiness (XNYWOLF Edit) (Bonus Track)

Aneesa Ahmed is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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