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LCY drops new EP and visual project ‘Pulling Teeth’

The release marks LCY's latest release under their new identity

  • Gemma Ross
  • 22 April 2021
LCY drops new EP and visual project ‘Pulling Teeth’

LCY has released a brand new EP via their self-founded record label SZNS7N.

‘Pulling Teeth’ is a dystopian, bass-heavy six-track project which marks the second release since the unveiling of their new identity.

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Last year the Bristolian DJ dropped their formative alias of L U C Y, which saw the producer take off the mask and change their name.

‘Pulling Teeth’ arrives alongside some visual content creating a surrealist universe around the project and EP - a 2-hour live audio instrumental piece and a collection of clay models visualised as a picture series.

“‘Pulling Teeth’ is my first completely non-fiction project and experience with world building after envisioning and drawing what would be the main character nearly 2 years ago,” says LCY. “The story follows a post-human, post-human friendly AI landscape where the robots known as ‘the organism’ build a robot with a human brain (and accidentally a canine mouth) to in part worship and in part experiment on.”

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LCY also recently played a set on London’s Tower Bridge beside audio akin’s DjRUM and Giant Swan as part of Fabric’s ‘London Unlocked’ series.

Singles ‘Garden of E10’ and ‘Shhh’ were both released previously via the producer’s label SZNS7N, each taking a storytelling route, bringing inspiration from ‘traditional Irish lore’ and ‘fantasy soundtracks’.

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As she takes a more cinematic approach to the audiovisual world, LCY has claimed: “I would like for people to take what they will of the music and build their own ideas of what it means.”

Listen below and purchase the EP via Bandcamp.

1. teeth
2. garden of E10
3. slutty
4. siri shhh
5. bite off the hand that feeds you
6. decay ft. opus

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