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Infinite Machine announces 10 year anniversary compilation

It drops on December 3

  • Niamh Ingram
  • 24 October 2021
Infinite Machine announces 10 year anniversary compilation

Mexico City-based label Infinite Machine has announced the release of a special 10th anniversary compilation.

The nineteen-track album is due for release on December 3, accompanied by a series of events in North America and Europe next year.

It involves tracks from long-time label mainstays, new signees and ‘some of the friends who helped them along the way’.

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The independent label was founded in Montreal in 2011, born out of a desire to run an imprint with a DIY ethos, having incorporated a variety of genres and subgenres throughout the last decade.

This release marks a club-centered occasion, perhaps fitting for current times in which they’ve just reopened, albeit with various precautions in place.

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‘Infinite Machine 10 Years Compilation’ will be available digitally on December 3 this year.


1. Benfika - Reflejo

2. Matías Contreras - Rizoooo

3. Galtier - My Mess Is A Face

4. Only Now - Forged

5. Egroj - UPS

6. Sistema Aero - Virtual Rave Destruction

7. Laughing Ears - 30°N

8. Bungalovv - Alacran

9. Xiao Quan - The Vengeful Spirit of Iron Fist

10. Gaul Plus - Motorcycle Angel

11. Avernian - Malleable

12. Duswunder - Black Bile

13. Ma Sha Ru - Volcanic December

14. El irreal Veintiuno - Dogma

15. Daniel Ruane - ZZZZZ

16. Renslink - Sister Above

17. Yilan - Cortisol

18. Softmatter - Atemporal

19. W3C - Templa

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