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Editions Mego boss Peter Rehberg has died

The distinguished electronic artist has passed away aged 53

  • Megan Townsend
  • 23 July 2021
Editions Mego boss Peter Rehberg has died

Electronic musician and renowned head of label Editions Mego Peter Rehberg has died from a heart attack aged 53.

Originally hailing from Tottenham, Rehberg first began releasing music under the name Pita - giving new label Mego their first-ever 12" release alongside General Magic.

Rehberg joined the team and helped grow it into a leader in contemporary electronic music.

After Mego's closure in 2005, Rehberg relaunched the label as Editions Mega curating releases from Oren Ambarchi, Bill Orcutt, Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Releases under Pita saw him pioneering electronic music production on solo projects Seven Tons for Free, Get Out, Get Down and Get Off - using his laptop as a key component of his work. While experimentations as duo KTL alongside Stephen O'Malley gave Rehberg a chance to explore ambient and avant-garde.

Friend Kassel Jaeger announced the news on Instagram, writing: "I feel privileged to have known him, to have collaborated with him and to have been his friend. I owe him so much. So do many of us."

"This was Peter Rehberg, a person who, through his openness and generosity, served as a beacon and a crossroads for a whole community of musicians. We will miss him terribly."

Megan Townsend is Mixmag's Deputy Digital Editor, follow her on Twitter

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