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Berlin's clubs brought €1.5 billion into the city in 2018

A new study reveals the major economic boost Berlin's club scene brings to the city

  • Harry Lye
  • 20 February 2019
Berlin's clubs brought €1.5 billion into the city in 2018

A new study by the Club Commission found club-goers in Berlin's well-documented nightlife scene spend on average €200 a day, reports The Local.

The figures counts money spent across clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels in Germany's historic capital in 2018, with the total coming in at just under €1.5 billion.

The amount brought in by individual clubs varies, with 11 raking in more than €2 million, and most earning around €100,000 to €200,000. The report also found almost 10,000 Berlin locals work in the industry.

A spokesman for the Club Commission, Lutz Leichsenring, said: “The creative industry is still Berlin's biggest, and the clubs are one of its most important pillars."

The report also looked into the spread of genres played and found techno was the third most popular style with 40 per cent of clubs playing it, and a higher percentage of clubs playing house and indie rock and pop, which may come as a surprise in the city known for its thriving techno scene.

Talking about the importance of clubbing in Berlin Leichsenring added: "The club scene itself is an important employer and industry, but even more important is its role as the pulse of the city."

[Via: The Local]

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