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Banned UK drill videos are resurfacing on Pornhub

The internet community and fans of the genre fight back

  • Harrison Williams
  • 2 July 2018
Banned UK drill videos are resurfacing on Pornhub

After authorities in the UK launched a campaign to remove drill videos from the internet due to their message that seems to promote violence, a collection of videos have resurfaced on the popular adult entertainment website Pornhub.

The Metropolitan Police have long been attempting to quiet UK drill, hip hop and rap with what they say is a violent tone. In May 2018, YouTube removed 30 of the 60 videos that The Metropolitan Police requested be removed over the course of the past two years. The following month the police also applied for a court order to ban gang members from making drill. In an unprecedented move, a court order was granted that barred five members of the UK drill group 1011 from making music and writing lyrics that "encourage violence" without attaining permission from the police.

Now as Dazed has reported, DJ and presenter Tim Westwood's Crib Sessions with UK drill crews BSIDE, 1011 and Zone have been uploaded to Pornhub after they were removed from YouTube. A large portion of 1011's own videos have been uploaded to the adult entertainment website as well.

Pornhub has made a move to support music in the past, launching its own record label in 2014 and also offering up Kanye West's album 'The Life Of Pablo' to listeners when it was only available to stream via Tidal.

Now the UK drill videos are alongside the rest of Pornhub's usual programming. Warning, it is NSFW.

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