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Trump made A$AP Rocky’s Sweden case ‘a little worse’ he says

Trump wasn't helpful in freeing A$AP Rocky after all, says the rapper

  • Tope Olufemi
  • 16 June 2021
Trump made A$AP Rocky’s Sweden case ‘a little worse’ he says

A$AP Rocky claims that Trump didn’t help him get out of a Swedish jail in 2019, contrary to widespread reporting and Trump’s version of events.

Rocky was jailed after an altercation in a street in Sweden, and this summer is releasing a documentary about the entire experience. This past weekend the documentary debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, as reported by Rolling Stone.

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“I kinda was scared that Trump was going to fuck it up, but then on the other hand, I’m just like, ‘That’s what’s up, man,’" Rocky said, describing his initial reaction to Trump’s involvement with the case.

Rocky described being half awake when the news was broken to him,

"I’m sleeping in my halfway dream, I heard my name. I kind of opened my eyes and closed my eyes again and then they said my name again. And I opened my eyes and I’m like, ‘Yo, what the fuck?’”, he says in the new documentary.

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Many believe the move from Trump was an attempt to strengthen his relations with the African American community.

Rocky also spoke about feeling grateful that he received so much support during his time in jail, saying: "You want the most support you could and it’s like, ‘Oh, the president supports you.’ That felt good. 'Cause for the most part, I don’t think he ever knows what’s going on in the urban communities.”

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He continued: “I was thankful for that, I can’t lie. I was also scared that it would jeopardize me being in [jail] longer. ... In reality, I had no problem saying thank you to the man, especially if he helped me. That’s the narrative they pushin’: That he got me out. And he didn’t free me. If anything, he made it a little worse.”

The film also features Kim Kardashian, alongside a host of Rocky’s friends who were working on trying to support him during the case.

Tope Olufemi is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow them on Twitterhere

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