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A Tribe Called Quest reissues album ‘The Low End Theory’ for its 30th Anniversary

The expanded edition of the original album 1991 album was released yesterday

  • Niamh Ingram
  • 25 September 2021
A Tribe Called Quest reissues album ‘The Low End Theory’ for its 30th Anniversary

American hip hop collective A Tribe Called Quest have reissued their 1991 album, ‘The Low End Theory’, to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Originally released on Jive Records on September 24 in 1991, the album - recorded in New York City - was a departure from the group’s 1990 debut album, ‘People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm’.

This second album was produced largely by member Q-Tip, featuring social commentary, word play and elements of humour too. The sound is minimalist, combining bass, drum breaks and jazz samples.

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Since the release of 'The Low End Theory', over the last 30 years, many names have credited the album - rapper Busta Rhymes credits the album for launching his career, and various other artists such as Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar have cited the album’s importance.

To celebrate the album’s anniversary, a fresh digital edition is being released with five never-heard digital EPs to accompany the original. These include:

  • ‘Check the Rhime’ - digital bundle
  • ‘Hot Sex’ - digital bundle
  • ‘Jazz (We’ve Got)’ - digital bundle
  • ‘Luck of Lucien’ - digital bundle
  • ‘Scenario’ - digital bundle

All five of these EPs contain a variety of dubs and remixes, giving plenty of listening options for an audience.

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You can find out more about A Tribe Called Quest here.

Niamh Ingram is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor, follow her on Twitter

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