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In Session

In Session: Robag Wruhme

The East German legend demonstrates the symbiosis of sounds and moments

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 15 November 2018

Growing up in the small town of Rudolstadt in Communist East Germany as a kid, Gabor Schablitzki (aka Robag Wruhme) had to fight tooth and nail to pursue his innate passion for music. Recording Depeche Mode shows being broadcast from West Germany and listening to his father's record collection on repeat, including Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Whitesnake and Bergweihnacht, the fall of the Berlin Wall came with an influx of new music that would launch Schablitzki towards a fruitful career in dance music.

In 1997, Schablitzki teamed up with his close friend Sören Bodner (aka Monkey Maffia) and formed The Wighnomy Brothers DJ duo, landing a residency at the renowned Club Kassablanca in Jena, Germany. Schablitzki then released a few EPs on the German imprint Freude Am Tanzen and soon his sound spread throughout Europe like wildfire.

After a decade of dancefloor success in and around Europe, Schablitzki and Bodner parted ways in 2009 to pursue their solo careers. Having already released a number of successful records under his Robag Wruhme moniker, Schablitzki released his second album Thora Vukk in 2011 on DJ Koze's Pampa Records imprint. The LP was met with widespread critical acclaim and soon, a new and hungry generation of ravers found themselves pouring over the producer's current output on labels like Kompakt, Musik Krause, and Pampa's sub-label, Hart & Tief.

Fresh off the heels of his highly anticipated double EP ‘Wuzzelbud FF’ - a “stylistic follow-up” to his 2004 debut album ‘Wuzzelbud KK’ - Robag Wruhme has thrown together a wonderfully elaborate mix for the next installment of our In Session series.

Speaking on the mix he's delivered, Wruhme explains: "To me, it's really boring to simply mix one track into the next one because you can't to convey the energy of a specific situation from a club into the living room. Therefore, I put the ladder really high when I do mixes. Ever since the first one back in 2005 for the festival 'Sonne, Mond & Sterne,' I used additional sample fragments and layers. In addition, I only use some parts of a track and not the entire thing. The result is a symbiosis of sounds and moments."

Lock into Robag Wruhme's In Session mix and check out the tracklist below.

Watch Robag Wruhme's techno set in the jungle at Bahidorá Festival 2018 on MixmagTV here


David Museen, Erik Christiansen - Ishy Fishy (Silvie Loto Remix) + Letherette - Dog Brush
John Tejada - Switched Mode - (RW EDIT) + DOKTA - Straight_Lines - Mike Dehnert RMX
Skudge - Trance Me Up + John Tejada - Switched Mode - RW EDIT
Lexa Hill - The Blues Man + Skudge - Trance Me Up
Shaf Huse - Wormhole + Skudge - Trance Me Up + Lexa Hill - The Blues Man
Children of Tomorrow - Thesis 2 + Skudge - Trance Me Up + Marwan Saab - Techno Kids Dance
Marwan Saab - Techno Kids Dance + Serafin - Starship Discotheque - RW EDIT + Shaf Huse - Wormhole
Serafin - Starship Discotheque - RW EDIT + Marwan Saab - Techno Kids Dance + RAW_OSE
Ambivalent - Drag + Serafin - Starship Discotheque - RW EDIT + RAW_OSE + RAW_OSE_VOX_11
Trus´me - Sweetmother / Marcel Dettmann RMX + Letherette - Dog Brush + Forest Drive West - Static + FXL11
Forest Drive West - Static + Trus´me - Sweetmother (Marcel Dettmann RMX) + John Tejada & Arian Leviste - Capacitor Plague + RAW_OSE_VOX_03
Caculus_ - Bulldozer + RAW_OSE_VOX_03 + FXL15
2 Dollar Egg - Implantant (RW EDIT) + Jensz Zimmermann - X12 + RAW_OSE_VOX_03 + DT3 28 A NoKick
Jensz Zimmermann - X12 + PL04
Werner Niedermeier & Master Seb - Work it, Yeah + Jackmate - Sky so High + DT3 28 A NoKick + Sigrid - Sucker Punch (Four Tet RMX) + FX-37
Werner Niedermeier & Master Seb - Work it, Yeah + BKR - Sapphire + Markus Suckut - Watching the Sunset
Markus Suckut - Watching the Sunset + BKR - Sapphire + FXL15 + FXL07 + DT3 08 NoKick
Marvin Horsch - Ace of Paradise#3 + Markus Suckut - Watching the Sunset + Lionrock - Packet of Peace (Jeff Mills RMX) + DT3 08 NoKick
Kevin Yost - Motivate + Andre Kronert - 22 8 Andre
Andre Kronert - 22 8 Andre + Sigrid - Sucker Punch (Four Tet RMX)
Sigrid - Sucker Punch (Four Tet RMX)

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