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Enough of the $80 beach towels: Daft Punk need to deliver new music and a live tour

The robots need to deliver something real

  • Funster
  • 20 March 2017
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I didn’t fall in love with the duo because of the tracks that featured guest artists, so why was I going to fall head over heels upon hearing every single cut on ‘RAM’? The likes of Pharrell and Nile Rodgers joining the squad seemed like a gimmick more than a welcomed addition. No-one else featured on ‘Around The World’ and look how good that ended up.

The last time I truly felt excited about Daft Punk was the when they composed the Tron Legacy soundtrack. It felt so perfectly suited for the duo and although the film wasn't as good as we'd hoped, the score was exceptional.

Right so, let's just get this straight. 'Random Access Memories' came out in 2013 and 'Tron Legacy' in 2010 so that means technically I've gone seven years without something that's really, truly inspired me as a Daft Punk fan. So what's been going on been since 'RAM' dropped? To be frank, not much.

There was a pretty epic GRAMMYs performance in 2014 with Stevie Wonder, Pharrell and Nile Rodgers but that was 'Get Lucky' and I obviously feel a bit nauseous when I hear that, even three years later. This year's awards performance was about as limp as it gets as well. Sure, they were only featuring on a track they'd produced for The Weeknd and it's not completely indicative of them as a whole but wow that was underwhelming. They could have done better, especially as a minute-long spot at the end of the track showed them bashing on what looked like a Fischer Price toy box.

So what else have they done? Oh yeah, merchandise. Stop the press, they've brought out a huge range of toys and gifts for fans to wax inexcusable prices on. There are yo-yos, frisbees, caps and anything you or Daft Punk's marketing team can possibly conceive but it's nothing real, is it?

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