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Daft Punk's performance at the Grammys was completely uninspired

Sort it out, fellas

  • Dave Turner
  • 13 February 2017

Daft Punk returned to the stage last night as they joined The Weeknd at the Grammys.

The French duo and Canadian singer performed 'I Feel It Coming' from the latter's recent album 'Starboy', but it wasn't exactly a mindblowing show.

Donning their familiar helmets and black capes, the pair stood atop an iceberg meddling with some controls, while The Weekend sang in front of them for the most part.

Social media didn't expect much after the original announcement, with many comments asking for a full tour, what would be their first since 2007.

Check out the video from the Grammys below.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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