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Timedance is delivering its five-year compilation, 'Sharpen, Moving'

It features tracks from some of Timedance’s closest affiliates over the years

  • Words: Jemima Skala | Photo: Kasia Zacharko
  • 15 November 2020
Timedance is delivering its five-year compilation, 'Sharpen, Moving'

Timedance this week announced the release of ‘Sharpen, Moving’, a compilation LP celebrating five years of the Bristol label. It will be released on November 27.

A birthday compilation has long been in the works, and follows a run of birthday parties that Timedance threw all around the UK back in February and March this year.

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The compilation features contributions from label boss Batu (pictured), Akiko Haruna, Peter Van Hoesen, Happa, Ploy, Bruce and Metrist, among others.

Altogether, the compilation demonstrates how instrumental Timedance has been over its five years of running in pushing the UK techno scene forwards, testing the boundaries of the genre and always proving a fertile breeding ground for innovation.

Listen to Batu’s ‘SYX’ below, and preorder the compilation here. Also see below for a full tracklist.

Digital tracklist

1. Kit Seymour - Lost Caller

2. Batu - SYX

3. Mang & GRAŃ - Live4evr

4. Peter Van Hoesen - L9T

5. Ploy - Snorkelling

6. Bruce - Longshot

7. Akiko Haruna - Die and Retry

8. Happa - 15Three

9. Metrist - Total Paper

10. Cleyra - Shafted

11. Nico - Ventana

12. Via Maris - Lapse

Compilation Vinyl


A1. Kit Seymour - Lost Caller

A2. Batu - SYX

B1. Peter Van Hoesen - L9T

B2. Happa - 15Three

C1. Ploy - Snorkelling

C2. Bruce - Longshot

D1. Nico - Ventana

D2. Via Maris - Lapse

Sampler Vinyl


A1. Metrist - Total Paper

A2. Mang & GRAŃ - Live4evr

B1. Cleyra - Shafted

B2. Akiko Haruna - Die and Retry

Jemima Skala is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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