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Portals from 'Stranger Things' are showing up in 'Fortnite'

Will the portals lead to the Upside Down?

  • Harrison Williams
  • 3 July 2019
Portals from 'Stranger Things' are showing up in 'Fortnite'

With season three of Stranger Things set to premiere on July 4, Fortnite is teasing a collaboration with the hit Netflix show as portals to the Upside Down are popping up in the video game.

While neither Fortnite or Stranger Things have officially announced the collaboration, according to Business Insider the video game's developers have been known to tease collaborations with cultural events by delivering unannounced changes to the map. Fortnite has previously showcased collaborations with a variety of special events, including including Avengers: Endgame, the Super Bowl, and Nike's Jordan brand.

Currently the Stranger Things portals in Fortnite only transport players to other parts of the game map, not the Upside Down like in the show. That said, this there is likely more to come from this collaboration as Fortnite updates every Thursday, which happens to be the same day Stranger Things season three is set to premiere.

Check out footage of the Upside Down portals in Fortnite below.