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​12 photos of the immersive Stranger Things pop-up bar The Upside Down

Why not have a few cocktails in Joyce Byers’ living room?

  • Harrison Williams
  • 23 August 2017

There’s a new pop-up concept bar in Chicago inspired by Stranger Things which allows visitors to enter the world of the hit Netflix series.

By installing a collection of items paying homage to the show, the creative team at Emporium and local artists built the bar’s unique setting, including a replica of Joyce Byers’ living room, a stage made to look like the Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club, the fence of the Hawkins National Laboratory and the creepy atmosphere of The Upside Down.

With Stranger Things making a return to Netflix on October 27, locals in Chicago will be able to build anticipation by enjoying a few show-inspired cocktails. Like the Demogorgun, Mouthbreather and Eleven’s Eggos, the latter of which is actually served with an Eggo.

View the gallery above for a look at bar concept.

The Upside Down is now open and will run through the end of September. Find hours of operation here

[All photos by Emporium]

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