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Mural dedicated to SOPHIE unveiled in Liverpool

Fans can find the artwork in 24 Kitchen Street

  • Words: Safi Bugel | Photography: A Cullen
  • 26 August 2021
Mural dedicated to SOPHIE unveiled in Liverpool

A new mural of SOPHIE has been unveiled in Liverpool.

Spanning a wall in music venue 24 Kitchen Street, the late artist is depicted donning red gloves and a pink shawl.

The large-scale painting was created by local artist A Cullen after the venue shared a callout with for a trans/non-binary artist to commemorate the PC Music mainstay, in collaboration with Homotopia.

The Liverpool-based visual artist shared the work on their profile, with the caption "god is trans."

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The co-comission had encouraged trans visual artists from underrepresented arts communities to apply, including working class, QTIBPoC, queer, D/deaf and disabled folx. The project was supported by Future Classic and Transgressive Records.

SOPHIE was a pioneering figure in contemporary music, noted for her experimental approach to pop and underground electronics.

The artist passed away earlier this year, but her legacy continues to be felt.

At the time of the callout in April, Jonas Roberts, Production and Development Manager at 24 Kitchen Street, said: “When SOPHIE played at Kitchen Street in 2018 there was an eclectic atmosphere of joy and acceptance which I’m not sure will ever be matched.

“The musical landscape we are working in would be very different without SOPHIE. She changed what was possible of a ‘pop’ musician to sound like while being authentically herself.”

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He hopes the mural will encourage LGBTQ+ communities to feel at home within the space.

“We want LGBT/Q+ communities to know that they have a home here and by signposting our values with art, 24 Kitchen Street can be seen as a safe space,” he said.

“Ultimately it’s not about our venue - we want any queer or trans person who comes here to see SOPHIE and know that they belong here.”

Safi Bugel is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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