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​Roland has added a virtual JD-800 to Cloud plugin service

A virtual version of the crucial 90s synth has been updated

  • Gemma Ross
  • 1 November 2021
​Roland has added a virtual JD-800 to Cloud plugin service

Roland has added one of their most essential synthesisers - the 90s classic JD-800 - to their Cloud plugin service to celebrate 30 years since its creation.

A virtual replica of the 1991-released synth has been created for the service with a few added updates, including 800 added controls, new FX, 64 added presets, and an expanded polyphony.

“The JD-800 brought the synthesiser world back to its roots with its massive control-laden panel, and an aggressively electronic sound palette,” starts the promotional video for the new plugin.

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Used by the likes of 808 State, Faithless, and Underworld, the synth is recognisably one of the most prolific and heavily used throughout the end of the last decade. “It soon became a favourite of music producers in the 90s and beyond,” says the video’s narrator.

“The JD-800 software synthesiser brings the gleaming tone and monster sound-shaping potential of this vintage digital icon,” he continues.

Staying close to its familiar 90s product, the virtual clone promises to keep the minimal structure of its 90s product after recognising such high demand for more control and fewer menus, much like earlier models.

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Using waveform data instead of samples made up of four sounds, the JD-800 will take influence from Roland’s D-50 waveforms with resonant filters. The synth was only created for a period of five years but continues to be one of the most crucial pieces of equipment amongst producers.

The new rendition of the synthesiser will also see seven new effects, including chorus, phaser, enhancer, distortion, spectrum, delay, and reverb.

The synth will be joining Roland’s Cloud plugin service, with a subscription starting at $2.99. On the same service, you can find familiar Roland classics such as the D-50, TR-808 and 909 drum machines. Find more information here.

Gemma Ross is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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