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​TIDAL adds artist-curated playlists and DJ toolkits to platform

BPM-specific playlists will be added, plus more integrated DJ software

  • Gemma Ross
  • 14 October 2021
​TIDAL adds artist-curated playlists and DJ toolkits to platform

Music streaming service TIDAL has just announced some new additions to its platform.

The new extension of DJ-centered content such as toolkits, integrated DJ software, and playlists allows for beatmakers and selectors to find new material.

The subscription-based service will cost $10 a month, but if you’re looking for hi-fi sound quality, TIDAL offer the same package at $20 a month.

TIDAL’s new series of artist-curated playlists will offer DJs BPM-specific catalogues, as well as acapella and instrumental playlists to browse through.

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The streaming service has also teamed up with several DJ software developers after they claimed to notice an increase in the number of DJs using its integrated software, which includes Serato, Rekordbox, and Algoriddim Djay.

TIDAL is now looking to include new integration from Hercules’ DJUCED - a learner software suitable for beginner and mobile DJs, as well as Edjing Mix, a mixer app for use on phones and tablets.

So far, TIDAL has given these examples of newly-curated playlists available now on the service:

“Afrobeats Hits 100-110 BPM, boasting the hottest Afrobeat hits from the last few times, all between 100 and 110 BPM.”

“DJ Tools: Classic rap Instrumentals, brimming with old-school hip-hop beats that DJs can scratch and blend with flair during a mix.”

“D-Nice: Club Quarantine, featuring tracks inspired by the talented D-Nice.”

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TIDAL was previously co-owned by Kanye West, along with some of the biggest artists in the US. Pitchfork's Eric Harvey said, "these are the 1 percent of pop music in the world right now, these are artists who do not answer to record labels, do not answer to corporations."

Find out more about TIDAL’s new additions here.

Gemma Ross is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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