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Rio Music Conference finalizes panel and club night details

South America's stand out electronic music conference is here

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 26 January 2016

Just one day away from opening its doors, Rio Music Conference has finalized and shared the event's panels and the supplemental club nights to follow.

Starting on January 27, conference events will take place at the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) and in the Museum of Tomorrow (Museu do Amanhã). Panels will cover topics important to South America's expansive industry with topics like "How to Be a Brand Ambassador", "Women in Dance Music" and more. Find a full list of RMC's schedule below.

In addition to the finalized panel schedule, attendees of the conference will also be treated to a week of club nights. Across São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, delegates of RMC will receive a look into each of the cities and their diverse nightlife. Check out the full list of clubs that delegates will have access to here.

27/01 (qua/wed)



A Rough Guide to the Brazilian Music Industry - 14H00/14H45

Who really runs the Brazilian music industry and who do you need to know to get your music heard over here? Get the inside view from the people who make the biggest noise in this huge country, know where are the opportunities and how do you tap into local talent?

Anderson Rago (ARC MGMT)

Du Serena (Kontrol Agency)

DJ Meme (DJ)

Guga Trevisani (Entourage)

Juba Jacomino (Green Valley)

Moderator: Sandro Horta (DJcom)

ECAD Presents - 15H00/15H45

Naming rights in the dance music Market.

Marcelo Baptista (gerente operacional da área de Arrecadação)

Adriana Capelo (gerente operacional e logística da área de Distribuição)

Moderator: Rodrigo Vieira (DJ)

Dance Music as a Product With Content - 16H00/16H45

The number of big festivals doesn't stop growing all over the world and in Brazil, the genre has become important for social networking, electronic and alternative media. How to take advantage of this wave and surf the best content for each type.

Alok (Artista)

Carolina Alzuguir (Twitter)

Daniel Tambarotti (Multishow)

Luckas Wagg (Phouse)

Luiz Eurico Klotz (SFX Brasil)

Moderator: João Anzolin (Hot Content)

Pioneer DJ Presents: Music & Technology - 17H00/17H45

Since the creation of its first ever CDJ, Pioneer has been of great importance on making DJing accesible and popular all over the world. Find out how the brand keeps on reinventing itself and surprising the market.

Andre Motta (AIMEC)


Leo Janeiro (Artist)

Richard Mercado (Pioneer DJ)

Moderator: William Schiavon (DJ BAN)

How To Be a Brand Ambassador: Fans Taking Control - 18H00/18H45

Street Team is an initiative from Negus-Fancey's company that sees fans

becoming part of the marketing outreach of events and being rewarded for doing so. A brilliantly simple idea that leverages the passion of fans for the benefit of everyone.

Liam Negus-Fancey (The Physical Network)

Moderator: Gary Smith (ADE/RMC)

Music as a Form of Occupying Public Equipment - 19H00/19H45

How can music interact and add value to the public space, from plazas to museums, from cultural centres to transport stations, from theaters to cinemas

Leo Feijó (Grupo Matriz)

DJ MAM (Brazilian Lounge)

Jorge Lz (Curador do Levada Oi Futuro, e coordenador de fomento da

Secretaria Municipal de Cultura do Rio)

Moderador: Robson Camilo (Coordenador de Equipamentos Culturais da

Secretaria de Cultura da cidade do Rio de Janeiro)



Lançamento do Anuário de Mercado / V Prêmio RMC / Opening Party by Pioneer DJ

Launch of the Market Yearbook / V RMC Awards

Sala Skol Beats #1

Nightlife Enterpreneurs



Who are the young nightlife entrepreneurs who created their own busniess

models from scratch and stand out in the creative economy sector? Get to

know the paths they have taken to get their business going and creating a sucessful brand.

Andre Barros (Party Industry)

Ilan Kriger (Social Wave)

Lucas Albertim (Love Sessions)

Fran Bortolossi (Colours)

Moderador: Bruna Calegari (Hot Content)

How to Get Yourself Noticed in a Crowded World? - 15H00/15H45

It's a big, crowded, noisy world and no one gives a damn about you and your latest recording… Or maybe they do! Why do some artists break through while others simply fade away?

Alex Jukes (England)

Go Funk Yourself! - 16H00/16H45

Representatives of one of the most authentic movements in Brazil tell the stories behind this electronic beat that is full of creativity and has become the symbol of culture and diversity in the ghetto.

Sany Pitbull (DJ)

DJ Grandmaster Raphael (DJ)

Dennis (DJ)

Carlos Machado "DJ Nazz" (DJ)

Moderator: Claudia Assef (Jornalista)

Welcome to The School of House - 17H00/17H45

A presentation by the co-founder of this revolutionary new platform that com¬bines theory and practice, explaining what it means for the electronic scene and the wider music industry. Van Twuijer will be talking about how it works, why it works in Holland, why it is important to educate (true dance DNA, dance profes¬sionals), the opportunities it offers in both Europe and Brazil, and the ambassador programme he is setting up.

Rogier van Twuijver (The School of House)

Moderador: Joao Anzolin (Hot Content)

Women in Dance Music - 18H00/18H45

Despite progress in the area, Dance Music is still dominated by men. How can we deal with this situation in times of women's empowerment and what can we do to change?

Vivi Seixas (DJ)

Morgana (DJ)

Polly Simões (Promoter)

Paula Miranda (Booker)

Moderator: Claudia Assef (Jornalista)

UNDERLORD Remix Masterclass & Competition - 19H00/19H45

Underlord will demonstrate an on-the-fly remix of one of his own tracks then invites local producers to submit their own versions with the best one getting a release on his label. Underlord's tracks and remixes are regularly played by Fatboy Slim, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Claude Von Stroke, Dave Clarke, Bicep, Eats Everything & Tocadisco.

Sala Skol Beats #2

AIMEC: What People Ask About Pioneer DJ - 14H00/14H45

Instructor: André Motta

Pioneer DJ Presents: XDJ1000 - 16H00/16H45

Instructor: GKD (Ban EMC)

AIMEC Apresenta: Sampling

AIMEC Presents: Sampling


Create your music with endless sounds.

Instructor: Mateus B.

AIMEC: Musical Theory Applied to Dance Music - 17H00/17H45

Instructor: André Motta

D.A.S Audio Presents: DASNET Audio Management - 18H00/18H45

Application for remote monitoring and control technical workshop.

Instructor: Fernando Nanao (Consultor Técnico D.A.S. Audio

Skol Beats #3

ASSEM Rio Presents: Legalizing Events - 14H00/14H45

In this panel, get to know more about deregulation of organs and the

opoening of new venues in Rio

Fernando Calmon (Produtor)

Mario Fellippo (Rio Eventos)

Vicente Donnici (Advogado)

Moderator: Allan Sant'Anna Cordeiro (ASSENRIO)

Success Cases - 15H00/15H45

What they have done to get there! A close up analysis of DJs and Events Social Media strategies.

Marcelo Cic (CR2)

Bruce Leroys (Loulou Records)

Toninho Silveira (DM7 Bookings)

Moderator: Guigo Monfrinato (Social Media Expert)

Bar Management in Events - 16H00/16H45

In a good party, the glasses are always full! Find out more about bar management in this workshop about the improvement of the system in events.

Rodrigo Wrangler (Upgrade)

17H00 Made In Brazil (Labels) /17H45

The music market in Brazil is growing, and with it new demands for labels with

quality and personality arise. Find out what label managers are looking for and discover how you deliver the best out of your tracks.

Anderson Noise (Noise Music)

Danilo Morttagua (House Mag Records)

Dakar Carvalho (Clap 7)

Moderator: Rod B. (MUM)

18H00 Nightlife (Bate-Papo) /18H45

Octavio Fagundes (Grupo Privilège Brasil)

Moderador: Leo Janeiro (DJ/Produtor)

Luxury Arrives in Dance Music - 19H00/19H45

The LVMH team shows how they work their luxury brands in the segment.

Paula Willig (Trade Marketing)

Fernanda Guilarducci (On Trade)

Pamela Cancela (Promoter)



15:00 – 16:30 / FIRST ROUND

17:00 – 18:30 / SECOND ROUND

Participantes / Participants:

Az Azevedo (Az Azevedo Marketing Promocional)

Mau Angelo (Glide Talent)

Alexandre Albini (Housemag)

Raul Mendes (DJ)

Raphael Brick ( Designer)

28/01 (QUI/THU)



D.A.S Audio Live Demo SOUND FORCE

Dance Club


Spotify Workshop


How can you promote your products on one of the biggest platforms of the

music streaming market? Get to know more about tools, artists functions,

playlists and Spotify data consumption.

Roberta Pate (Spotify)

Bruno Telolli (Spotify)

Moderator: Claudia Assef (Jornalista)

The Art of Building a Global Club Brand

The Art of Building a Global Club Brand - 15H00/15H45

Clubs are everywhere, but only a small percentage of them really stand out and become trusted brands. How do they manage it and what does it take to be more than just a place where people go to dance? How creative can you be in the styling of a club when it also has to make money?

Laurence Malice (Egg London)

Kyle Evans (Egg London)

Hans Hess (Egg, London)

Moderator: Rogier vanTwijver (The School of House)

Rock in Rio b2b Tomorrowland - 16H00/16H45

What happens when we put two professionals responsible for the biggest music festivals in the world face to face? On this panel know about the differences and similarities, the challenges of these superproductions in Brazil and the future of the festival industry.

Luis Justo (CEO Rock in Rio)

Mauricio Soares (Tomorrowland Brasil)

Moderator: Franklin Costa (Projeto Pulso)

Pioneer DJ and Aftercluv Dancelab present: Brazilian DJs breaking into the Latin American Market. - 17H00/17H45

Luis Estrada (Aftercluv Dancelab/Universal Music Group Latin America)

Mauricio Soares (ID&T)

Sebastian Ducamp (GTS Talent)

Marcelo Cic (Artist)

Moderator: Richard Mercado (Pioneer DJ)

Berlin Nightlife Keynote with Sven Marquardt - 18H00/18H45

The work and experiences of the photographer and Berlin nightlife persona.

Moderator: João Anzolin (Hot Content)

Making The Perfect Beat - 19H00/19H45

Sampling, investing in analog equipment, researching and appealing to creativity. How can we find the perfect beat? We invited specialists to a debate about the current moment in domestic production.


Mateus B.


Julio Torres

Moderator: Dudu Marote (Ganzá)

Live Events: Technology Rules. Whats Next? - 20H00/20H45

Events are increasingly reliant on technology, but how far can technology go before it interferes with the experience that people are looking for? Or are there no limits? And will events eventually become technology showcases rather than celebrations of the power of music?

Liam Negus-Fancey (The Physical Network)

Karsten ter Hoeven (ADE)

Jure Kvas & Jernej Ocvirk (Founders of KO Events / EKKO)

Moderator: Bruna Calegari (Hot Content)

Sala Skol Beats #1

RMC Pelo Brasil

RMC Throughout Brazil


Brazil is a huge country, where dance music is getting more popular every day. Find out more about other regions and their opportunities listening to what out guests have to say about them.

Igor Cordeiro (FCC - Curitiba)

Eduardo Phillips (Grupo GV – Balneário Camboriú)

Anderson Noise (Noise Music – Belo Horizonte)

William Schiavon (Ban EMC – São Paulo)

Moderator: Leo Janeiro (RMC – Rio de Janeiro)

Digital Strategy - 15H00/15H45

It is a common misconception that advertising on the internet does not work. Scott Richmond believes it does and he will be explaining how to make your investment in it work better for you and your project.

Scott Richmond (EDMX)

AFEM: Stealing our own success - 16H00/16H45

The Association For Electronic Music brings data that show how piracy has a negative influence artists' success around the world.

Underlord (DJ/Producer)

Roland Leesker (Get Physical)

Moderator: Mark Lawrence (CEO of AFEM)

How to Create a Music Company From Nothing with No Money - 17H00/17H45

Even if you are not living in a country whose economy has tanked, the idea of maximizing your resources and learning how to make the most of what is available is a must for every young musician.

Roland Leesker (Get Physical)

Underlord (DJ/Producer)

Moderator: Gary Smith (ADE/RMC)

The 10 Laws to Succeed as a DJ/Producer - 18H00/18H45

Presented by: Everson K. (Academia de Marketing para DJs)

Get Physical A&R Sessions - 19H00/19H45

CEO and founder of one of the world's most famous labels gives local producers the benefit of his vast experience in a listening/mentoring session.

Roland Leesker (Get Physical)

Moderator: Rogier vanTwijver (The School of House)

Make Music Now Presents: Creativity Lessons and the Van Gogh Method - 20H00/20H45

Presented by: Felipe Senne (Produtor)

Sala Skol Beats #2

AIMEC: The Process of Creating a Live Presentation - 14H00/14H45

Instructor: Alonso Figueroa

Pioneer DJ Presents: Rekordbox DJ


Instructor: GKD (Ban EMC)

The DJ/Enterpreneur


Technics and schemes do get yourself in the business

Instructor: Rafael Araujo

AIMEC: What's New on the Ableton Live 9.5


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