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Nina Kraviz responds to criticism over her cornrows

The artist is also facing backlash over the name of her track 'Ghetto Kraviz'

  • Mixmag
  • 28 October 2019
Nina Kraviz responds to criticism over her cornrows

Nina Kraviz has responded to criticism and backlash from photos she posted wearing her hair in cornrows. Those who oppose her hairstyle and her views on the situation have called her "racist", stating that her cornrows are "cultural appropriation."

In response to a few people on Twitter, Nina has cited that cornrows are not specifically tied to African culture, but according to her post, are also connected to Vikings, Eskimos and various other cultures. She has also stated she is from Irkutsk in Siberia in the south east of Russia, a few hundred miles from the Mongolian border.

The backlash from Nina's cornrows has also expanded to include criticism over the name of her track 'Ghetto Kraviz'. With little background given as to why she named her track "ghetto", possibly due to the track's likeness to the genre of ghetto house, many on social media believe this to be cultural appropriation as well.

The public response to this situation has been mixed, with some people supporting her hair choice and track title, while others are saying she needs to be "cancelled".

Of the Twitter conversation, the most notable exchange and perhaps the most questioned amongst dance music fans was with Frankie from NYC collective/booking agency, Discwoman. This resulted in Nina calling Frankie "racist" and accusing her of bullying on the platform to which people are calling for Kraviz to publicly apologize.

Frankie is known for supporting the LGBTQ and POC communities, focusing on ways to make marginalized scenes and movements more widely accepted, promoted and celebrated.

View some of the discussion on Twitter below, including her confrontation with Frankie from Discwoman.

Kraviz has now deleted some of her tweets and claimed that things had gotten "out of proportion" and further stated that she "is not racist" which you can see below.

To see the tweets still on her profile, click here.

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