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New Zealand scientists release ‘nerdcore’ rap to promote vaccinations

‘Vax the Nation’ includes bars such as "Delta will keep your dick soft"

  • Becky Buckle
  • 3 December 2021
New Zealand scientists release ‘nerdcore’ rap to promote vaccinations

Vax the Nation’ is the title of New Zealand’s new ‘nerdcore’ rap track promoting the public to get vaccinated.

Star and producer of the hip hop track is Dr Joel Rindelaub, a research fellow studying aerosol chemistry from the University of Auckland.

Performing alongside him is local rapper Randa, microbiologist Dr Siouxie Wiles, paediatrician, Dr Jin Russell and the chief science advisor to the Prime Minister, Dame Juliet Gerrard.

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The music video directed by Matt Cooke includes all scientists dressed in lab coats performing the ‘nerdcore’ rap to camera.

The rap includes informative lyrics such as, “Nah man, it’s totally free. Just register yourself on Book My Vaccine,” as well as myth busting lines like, “Delta will keep your dick soft”.

To date, 93% of eligible New Zealanders have had one dose of the Pfizer vaccine whilst 86% are fully vaccinated.

Since booster shots have been rolled out, more than 51,000 have had their third shot, which is available to everyone six months after their second dose.

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Dr Rindelaub told New Zealand’s Morning Report show that “[Scientists] want to make science more accessible to everyone, that was part of the reason of the music video is we want to keep our community healthy, and we want to reach young adults to help get better vaccination rates so we can all have a great summer.

“A little bit of a nerdier style of raps, it’s a bit lyrical where we can fit some of our message in and try to get it across the best way we can.”

The comments on the YouTube video are unimpressed by the track.

"Suddenly, dying of covid doesnt seem so bad," says one commenter. Another states: "This is why Youtube disabled the dislike counter."

Watch the music video below.

Becky Buckle is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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