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Mr. G: "I died on the table, I saw the light, now every moment is a blessing"

The legendary Londoner opens up about jazz, mental health, dancing and his close call with death

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 17 May 2018
Mr. G: "I died on the table, I saw the light, now every moment is a blessing"

In a new and profound interview with the publication Ibiza Voice, the brilliant and timeless London artist Mr. G goes into detail regarding his love of soul and jazz, the challenges of touring, the importance of dancing and his brush with death following a severe heart attack.

Dark, sexy and full of the Devil's groove, G's cuts will make you move every damn time. For well over two decades, Mr. G has cooly been gracing the world with phenomenal and funky dance music that has rightfully earned him the title of “tech house master”.

The jazz influence in his music is more than apparent - and when asked about the genre, Mr. G replied “jazz for me is the source. Most of what makes me is that knowledge of jazz, swing, soul. I was buying and selling it in Derby when I worked at (legendary record shop) R.E.cords… Back then I worked in the shop with an older DJ/collector called Hecter who had a love for and knowledge of all music so in turn, I ended up with the same open mind to music. It just became good or bad music, no in between. That for me is what makes some of us very different because whether it’s jazz, blues, dub, reggae, soul, funk, disco, ballads, house, techno, classical, rock or boogie, we can always deliver some good heat.”

After almost losing this legendary artist a few years back, the interviewer brings up the time Mr. G had suffered a severe heart attack. “I died on the table, and was defibbed back,” says Mr. G. “I saw the light, so for me now every moment is a blessing for sure, no time for wasting. My vision in life is very different to most but in turn, my music has its own life also which drives me harder.”

Despite being in his 50’s, Mr. G reveals that dance is as much apart of his healthy living regiment as activities such as yoga, good food and consistent trips to record shops and comic book stores. “I’ve always danced, it’s been my way to loose/express myself for as long as I remember,” says the artist. “Whether I’m in the kitchen hearing something that touches me or remembering a long, lost track, I’m dancing. It’s never showing off, that’s just me, I can’t help myself, if it touches me, I dance! I’m still a raver at heart and I always will be.”

Armed with wisdom and a remarkable outlook on life, Mr. G ends the interview by taking the time to address the recent tragedy that is Avicii’s untimely passing and how the road can push you to the edge if you are not careful: “Avicii’s death hurts even though it’s not someone close. The realization that this industry, if you don’t know what or who you are, can either drive you mad or kill you is crazy. Folk love riding a cash cow but never think about feeding or treating the cow right in the first place. Touring is never fun, it’s just part of the job. I’ve been through depression/drink. The road and the nerves can do that to you and that’s not in the rulebook. The worst thing is when you need someone to understand and reach out to and that’s the moment you’re alone (an even bigger headfuck).”

When speaking about how he managed to overcome these challenges, Mr. G tells the publication, “I understood my rulebook needed to be very different to protect my soul. I drive shit [now], not my agent. It is us artists who are on the frontline dealing with stuff, not the agents. It’s about [finding] a balance and looking after your soul.”

Coming up next for this infectious groove vendor and master record collector, Mr. G is set to release his favorite funk and soul tunes on a limited edition vinyl titled ‘Nothing’s Changed’. Featuring music from the likes of Willie Tee, Asha Puthli and Rare Function, it'll be released on limited 2 x 12 edition shrink wrapped vinyl on June 29. Learn more here.

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[Via: Ibiza Voice]

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