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Moby is selling 200 of his drum machines for charity

"The largest collection of drum machines in the world" is up for sale on October 11

  • Reece Hayward
  • 5 October 2018
Moby is selling 200 of his drum machines for charity

Moby is parting ways with nearly 200 drum machines from his private collection, all through online marketplace,

100% of the proceeds from Moby's collection will be donated to the Physicians Comitee for Responsible Medicine.

The collection, which Moby estimates is the largest in the world, features incredibly personal pieces - the Roland 909 that he purchased in the early 90s at Rouge Music, New York, has been described as one of his hardest pieces to part with.

Other items include two Chamberlin Rythmate drum machines. Considered the favourites of his collection, only ten of these machines were made by Harry Chamberlin in 1949.

The sale comes after Moby teamed with Reverb to auction away a hundred pieces of studio and tour equipment, as well as his entire record collection, earlier this year.

The collection will be available via The Official Moby Reverb Shop on 11th October.

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