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Listen to an '100% Chicago house' mix from Ariel Zetina

The mix pays tribute to Gramaphone Record's 50th anniversary

  • Devyn White
  • 19 November 2019
Listen to an '100% Chicago house' mix from Ariel Zetina

Chicago-based DJ, Ariel Zetina, has dropped a '100% Chicago House' mix as part of Red Bull Music Festival's celebration of Gramaphone Records' 50th anniversary.

Despite being a Chicago transplant, Zetina was a resident of Smartbar in 2018. In this mix, she made an effort to include the Chicago house tracks she regularly used in her DJ sets.

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Red Bull Music Festival Chicago is a two-week long experience featuring club nights and live performances in an effort to celebrate Chicago's musical influences. The Gramaphone event was held on November 17 at Chicago's well-renowned venue, Smartbar with a stacked line-up of legends such as Steve "Silk" Hurley, Derrick Carter, Ron Trent and Gramaphone owner, Michael Serafini.

Gramaphone Records originally got its start in 1969 selling folk, jazz and blues records. But as house music came flooding in in the 80s, the vinyl store switched its focus to the new genre, making it a home for DJs.

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Zetina writes about her connection to the mix stating, "suddenly being surrounded by Chicago house was super influential for me largely due to its keen interest in polyrhythmic percussion and melody at the forefront. This mix is not holistically representative of the genre. It is a glimpse from my POV.“

Listen to the mix below.

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