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Jeff Mills scores influential silent film A Trip To The Moon

The seminal silent film gets an audio upgrade

  • Harrison Williams
  • 16 November 2016

Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills has lent his talents to score the influential silent film, A Trip To The Moon.

The original movie, which debuted in 1902, is widely regarded as the first science fiction film of all time. It was directed, written and produced by the innovative filmmaker Georges Méliès, who also starred as the film's lead character. Now it’s only fitting that Mills soundtrack the visuals, as he is known to be fascinated with exploring space and the universe, concepts which Méliès addressed as well.

In the past, Mills has scored other popular classics, namely Richard Fleischer's 1966 sci-fi film Fantastic Voyage and Fritz Lang's silent film from 1929, Woman In The Moon.

A new version of A Trip To The Moon is set for release on DVD and Blu-Ray, with Jeff Mills’ soundtrack available to purchase in 2017. Expect more details to surface in the near future.

Watch the original version of A Trip To The Moon below.

[Via: RA]

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