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Jeff Mills announces 'Woman In The Moon' cine-mix

There's an exclusive performance at the Coronet Theatre in London

  • Patrick Swift
  • 17 April 2016

On April 28, techno behemoth Jeff Mills will soundtrack the early twentieth century German sci-fi film Woman In The Moon.

The cine-mix will take place at an all-seated Coronet Theatre, a historic venue that's going to close down in January 2017.

Ahead of the performance, Mills said:

"With Woman On the Moon, that was really the first time those audiences had seen an impression of what the moon could be like. It was just as astonishing for them, as it was for the whole world to see it laid out so graphically on a big screen. So I had to consider all that, and make the music really in that respect in a very timeless way.”

Tickets for the performance are available here.

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