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Jackmaster: "I had to step back and seek help to deal with things properly"

Jackmaster has issued a statement on his actions at Love Saves The Day last year

  • Dave Turner
  • 30 May 2019
Jackmaster: "I had to step back and seek help to deal with things properly"

Jackmaster has issued another apology for sexually harassing "several women" at Love Saves The Day in Bristol last year.

The Scottish DJ took to Facebook to apologise for what happened. He says he "grabbed and tried to kiss several women, while intoxicated and out of control." He had previously admitted to sexual harassment last August.

He says he takes "full responsibility" for his actions and the aftermath of what happened, notably an initial apology which didn't disclose exactly what went on.

Jackmaster wrote: "Whilst many people may think I used intoxication as an excuse, I would be the first to admit that you simply cannot excuse this type of behaviour: I take full responsibility for my poor choices surrounding this situation and I am taking it very seriously.

"Some people have been asking where I’ve been and the simple answer is that I had to take an extended period out - to respect others, the gravity of the situation, and to work on my health: both mental and physical. It’s been important to identify and understand how and why I could reach a state that would result in me putting other human beings, and myself, in a position of distress."

He also wrote that he had used music and substances as a way to cope with his mother's death as a youngster, adding that the deteriorating health of his father last year meant he "resorted to substances and an excessive work schedule instead of dealing with my emotions."

Rounding off his statement, he wrote: "While I’m not excusing what happened on any of this, I realise that I had to step back and seek help to deal with things properly to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

"I accept that I can’t change the past, but over the last 12 months I have made many significant changes to address the destructive parts of my lifestyle, and taken the time to understand how my actions can impact others. These are by no means quick fixes, nor does the time I’ve put in rectify my behaviour, but it’s the start of a journey which I am totally committed to. I hope this goes some way to reassure that I have taken this seriously and understand my responsibilities going forward."

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Commercial Content Editor, follow him on Twitter

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