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Four Tet debuts exclusive new music at London exhibition

The new tracks can only be heard at a collaborative art exhibition in London

  • Isobel Moloney
  • 17 January 2019
Four Tet debuts exclusive new music at London exhibition

Four Tet has revealed that he will be debuting exclusive new music at an art exhibition in collaboration with Anna Liber Lewis.

The announcement was made along with a cut from one of the three tracks that will be only available to listen to at the exhibition in London.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Four Tet and artist Anna Liber Lewis and will be running from January 17-18 March at Elephant West.

Four Tet and Lewis grew up together in London and created this exhibition intending to have their two mediums respond to each other in a ‘multi-sensory experience’.

Four Tet’s three tracks were conceived over a six-month period in response to Lewis’ emotional paintings.

“We are both influenced by how we move through the world and the people and things close to us,” Lewis said.

Four Tet is due to play two live shows at Alexandra Palace later this year.

Isobel Moloney is a freelance journalist, follow her on Twitter

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