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Fears drug supply issues may cause increase in overdoses at festivals this summer

Campaigners are concerned lack of access to supply may increase the likelihood of "bad batches" of drugs

  • Gemma Ross and Safi Bugel
  • 27 August 2021
Fears drug supply issues may cause increase in overdoses at festivals this summer

Drug supply chain issues could increase the risk of drug overdoses at festivals, say campaigners.

The concerns have been raised ahead of Bank Holiday weekend, which sees Lost Village, All Points East, Creamfields and Reading and Leeds Festivals take place.

Drug safety campaigners The Loop have voiced concerns that said complications to accessing drugs mean that people could end up taking stronger or more dangerous substances.

Since the start of lockdown, clubs and festivals ceased for regular drug users, meaning that upon returning to events, tolerance rates will have lowered but users may end up taking their pre-pandemic doseages.

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“This is an exciting time for many people,” reads a statement from The Loop on their website. “However, it is important to keep yourself and your friends safe. There may be a temptation to try and ‘make up for lost time', to ‘catch up’ or celebrate that little bit ‘extra'."

Yesterday (Thursday, August 26), someone was arrested after attempting to take the dangerous 'Blue Tesla' pills into Creamfields.

Radio 1 Newsbeat spoke to people who regularly take drugs at festivals and events to find out how people are feeling about the weekend ahead.

James, who’s heading to Creamfields this weekend, said “It's inevitable people will use at big events.”

Believing that more drug testing facilities should be in place, he said: “If you have testing available then it'd mean you could find out exactly what's in your product, while also being able to seek advice on how to maximise your own safety.”

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“Respect your body. A weekend festival or party will take its toll. Replenish, Rehydrate and Repair. Eat a substantial meal. Hydrate with sips of water or non-alcoholic drinks. Get some sleep to repair an exhausted body and mind,” The Loop’s website reads.

Stay safe this summer, and follow The Loop for more information on how to stay vigilant when it comes to drugs.

Gemma Ross and Safi Bugel are Mixmag's Digital Interns, follow Gemma on Twitter & follow Safi on Twitter

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