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Far-right group attack HVLV club in Kyiv

The crew from Berlin's Ecke Records were present at the venue

  • Aneesa Ahmed
  • 29 November 2021
Far-right group attack HVLV club in Kyiv

Kyiv club HVLV was attacked again by the far-right on the evening of November 26.

Berlin's Ecke Records was present in the building at the time of the attack.

According to HVLV, three unknown people approached the bar at 6:39PM and immediately 12 other people ran into the yard.

The entire incident lasted around five minutes and security services arrived around five minutes after the attackers left.

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An Instagram caption by Ecke Records states that attackers "destroyed the bouncer’s vision with multiple bear spray attacks, beat him with a police baton", and then went on to shout homophobic and racist slurs and abuse outside the venue.

"It happened as we set up for sound check - broken glass flying around the room, pepper spray coming in through the smashed windows accompanied by rocks.

"The incident lasted around 2m30s as they must’ve got word that police were coming."

Two CCTV videos posted on the Ecke Records page clearly show the mob damaging furniture and shattering glass in the HVLV courtyard.

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Except for the bouncer, who "should recover completely," no one was "seriously injured," according to the post. Andy Yankovskyi, co-founder of HVLV, verified the situation to RA.

Police detained ten members of the group after the incident, according to Babel. According to the same report, a card with a QR code and the phrase "CENTURIA" was discovered during the event.

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This code opens a far-right Telegram group.

This attack comes after a string of threatening occurrences involving the extreme right in Podil.

On November 5, far-right groups in Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv led a "crusade" against nightclubs that were are accusing of selling drugs in-house.

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Numerous protesters marched to HVLV, Closer and ∄ (AKA K41), throwing eggs and flour and yelling white supremacist slogans.

Ecke Record's scheduled event took place on the night after the incident had been cleared up.

Read the full post by HVLV here and Ecke Records here.

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[Via: RA]

Aneesa Ahmed is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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