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EQ Why

New Track City


  • Seb Wheeler
  • 28 March 2016
EQ Why

Chicago native EQ Why unloads raw power footwork on the UK’s Good Street Records. This five-tracker is essential for any footwork head or anyone looking to schnaffle out some proper forward-thinking electronic music.

As you might imagine, this is a riot of pumpin’ ultra low-end and soulful samples, produced somewhere between the raw-as-fuck beats of RP Boo and Windy City’s old-skool and the polished, club-primed work of Teklife.

Highlights are the intense ‘Swingin Wit Dis’ and the triumphant ‘SouthWest’, which is all horns and organ, like the best waltzer ride you ever had. There’s the obligatory weed song too, which always sounds good in footwork, whether you blaze or not.

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