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Damon Albarn says he has another Gorillaz album "if anyone wants it"

Two albums in two years and yet there's more

  • Harrison Williams
  • 27 August 2018
Damon Albarn says he has another Gorillaz album "if anyone wants it"

Damon Albarn, the musical mind behind the Gorillaz, revealed that he has already compiled material for the next album from the project, but he's not rushing to get it finished just yet.

Albarn waited seven years to release the next Gorillaz album following 'Plastic Beach' and 'The Fall' in 2010. Then in 2017 he released the highly-anticipated album 'Humanz', featuring a strong cast of collaborators, which was quickly followed by the most recent album 'The Now Now' one year later in 2018. It's now clear there's still plenty more material from the Gorillaz project following Albarn's confirmation that another album is in the works.

Speaking with Austrian radio station Radio FM4, Albarn said the album has yet to be recorded and he's not going to release it any time soon: “I have another one [Gorillaz album] as well, but I know I’m not going to be allowed to even think about recording or putting it out this year... In October, after I play in America, I’ll be starting The Good, The Bad & The Queen again… I don’t know. It’s there. If I get the time, or if anyone wants it, it’s there.”

Previously, Albarn has said that he's "permanently dissatisfied" with his work. Listen to the Gorillaz's In Session mix here.

Listen to the full interview with Damon Albarn below.

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