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Chemical Brothers launch Radio Chemical with dub mix

The new artist station from the Chemical Brothers will showcase their musical favourites and inspirations

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 10 March 2021
Chemical Brothers launch Radio Chemical with dub mix

Chemical Brothers have launched a new artist station called Radio Chemical on Sonos Radio HD.

Radio Chemical will showcase the duo’s musical favourites and inspirations.

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The first episode aired on Friday, March 5, with a special ‘Dub Mix’, with the Chemical Brothers calling the musical style “a constant inspiration to us of what is possible in the studio”.

They said: "We’re excited to bring you a selection of some of our favourite music - a deep dig in to our record collections .hopefully there will be something there for you whatever time of day you’re tuning in. Keep listening for exclusive DJ mixes that will explore some of our musical passions.

“The "in dub mix "- channels our love of dub music - where the foundation is drum and bass and the lead instrument is the mixing desk, where a delay feeding back on itself can be as exciting as a heartfelt lyric. A lot of this music pushes the boundaries of what can be done with a multi track and an application of echo, eq and phase. It's a constant inspiration to us of what is possible in the studio and the myriad of ways you can find to interpret a song."

Music from artists such as King Tubby, Dub Syndicate and Sir Horatio features.

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Radio Chemical will stream via Sonos Radio HD, the ad-free, high-definition tier of Sonos’ streaming service Sonos Radio, with on-demand access on the Sonos Sound System Archive, in the Sonos app and on Mixcloud.

Other artist stations featured on the platform include D’Angelo, FKA twigs and Björk

Listen to the first episode of Radio Chemical below.

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