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Budakid teams up with Nordfold for new EP, 'United'

The EP is inspired by the reawakening of the dance-floor

  • Niamh Ingram
  • 14 May 2022
Budakid teams up with Nordfold for new EP, 'United'

Berlin-based producer and DJ Budakid has teamed up with Amsterdam's Nordfold for a two-track EP, 'United'.

The pair are regular collaborators, and this week's released EP is inspired by the reawakening of dance-floors after two years of silence.

Title track 'United' is an atmospheric cut, with climbing melodies and chords building a pulsating, hypnotic tune.

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Second track 'Aika' is a rave, dance-floor heavy number, with pounding and pacier beats constructing an acid-tinged heater. The muted vocals pushes the hypnotic vibe interlaced within the EP, providing unification whilst still allowing two sides of the duo's skillset to be displayed.

On the release, Budakid says: "Both tracks on the ‘United' EP were created after being locked up together for a while because of Covid. Mostly when I and Simon (Nordfold) met - either in Amsterdam or Berlin - we were jamming together on some loops we were laying down. With the idea of reuniting and a feeling of breaking out of the curfews, ‘United' was born. It made us feel free in a moment where the world was locked."

"Getting together with Kevin (Budakid) to work on new music, usually goes hand in hand with a vibrant lifestyle," explains Nordfold. "This means going out for drinks, trying out new restaurants and doing sports, sporadically. Traveling between Amsterdam and Berlin, in between lockdowns, most of this was not possible. The only exciting events were the occasional strolls through a deserted city centre of Amsterdam.

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"Ironically, these silent times got us to create one of the fullest, grooviest and danceable tracks that we collaborated on yet. I feel like since we had no distractions whatsoever. We were forced into a tunnel vision where only the music mattered."

Both producers have garnered releases on a plethora of labels including Lost & Found, Anjunadeep and Knee Deep In Sound. Each of their production styles are contrasting yet complementary, creating the unified atmosphere offered on 'United'.

Budakid and Nordford's latest EP, 'United', is available now. You can check it out here.

Niamh Ingram is Mixmag's Weekend Editor, follow her on Twitter

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