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Bright Lights and Kaleena Zanders collab on the bass house ballad 'Tumbao'

A behind the scenes video reveals their production process

  • In association with AKG
  • 16 December 2018

Two of the industry's most exuberant vocalists in Kaleena Zanders and Bright Lights have collaborated on a new track titled 'Tumbao' and their production process has been documented by Mixmag and AKG.

Taking place in the withdrawn forests of Upstate New York, Mixmag and AKG brought together six artists from across the electronic music spectrum for a unique retreat at Allaire Studios in The Catskills. Equipped with a surplus of instruments, equipment and refined audio gear, the retreat's participants tapped into a collaborative spirit during this week-long session that yielded exciting results.

The six artists chosen for this musical excursion included multi-talented South African Dena Amy, veteran songstress Little Boots, rising vocalist Kaleena Zanders, the radiant DJ-producer Moon Boots, the musically matured Kidnap (formerly known as Kidnap Kid) and the animated singer-songwriter, Bright Lights. Sharing their personal stories with each other and bringing their individual styles to the studio, all those involved found an artistic solidarity that made for a truly fruitful and imaginative experience.

Eager to hit the studio on the first night of the retreat, Kaleena Zanders teamed up with Bright Lights to work on a Latin-influenced, booty-shaking track they call 'Tumbao'. Between Kaleena Zanders' love of vocal improvisation and Bright Lights' colorful sonic direction, they manage to put together a ballad filled with lively harmonies and big bass.

Check out the Behind the Scenes footage of their collaboration below.

[Photo credit: Jessica Nash]

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