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AKG and Mixmag explore how Bright Lights found her path as a vocalist, DJ and producer

“I was just so frustrated in the pop world"

  • In association with AKG
  • 26 November 2018

With an emphasis on seclusion, artistic solidarity and refined audio gear from AKG, Mixmag and Samsung teamed up to bring a handful of musicians to the remote forests of Woodstock, New York and the open desert of Joshua Tree, California for two wholly unique electronic music retreats. Immersed in these thought-provoking environments, we created an engaging original mini-documentary on each participating artist to give viewers a novel perspective on their profile and creative process.

Taking part in our Woodstock retreat was American singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Bright Lights. Raised in South Carolina by her pastor father, Bright Lights’ musical career sparked at an early age when she was playing piano and singing in church. After attending the esteemed Berklee School of Music in Boston, her career as a pop artist began in 2009. “Dance music really saved me as a creative person,” Bright lights explains. “I was just so frustrated in the pop world because songwriting doesn’t really change.” Her collaborations with Zedd and following performances’ at EDC and Ultra exposed her to a new genre and scene that has “given her a home” and “life as a lyricist.”

Watch Bright Lights' documentary below.

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