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AKG and Mixmag reveal how Little Boots' relentless trial and error led to stardom

"You have to always be restocking the creative pond"

  • In association with AKG
  • 20 November 2018

With an emphasis on seclusion, artistic solidarity and refined audio gear from AKG, Mixmag and Samsung teamed up to bring a handful of musicians to the remote forests of Woodstock, New York and the open desert of Joshua Tree, California for two wholly unique electronic music retreats. Immersed in these thought-provoking environments, we created an engaging original mini-documentary on each participating artist to give viewers a novel perspective on their profile and creative process.

Taking part in our Woodstock retreat was the renowned singer, producer, DJ and songwriter Little Boots. Coming from a small town in the north of England, Little Boots reached her lifelong goal of becoming a pop star through relentless trial and error and by daring to dream big. Always on the lookout for inspiration, she talks us through how she is constantly on the lookout for new lyrics and melodies. "You have to always be restocking the creative pond," Little Boots explains. "Otherwise, when you go fishing there is not going to be anything there."

Watch Little Boots’ documentary below.

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